Beans beans Beans are good for your heart…………………….

Well I presume this is the message P&O are giving to their customers on board Ventura as it seems that the chef is a little partial to the stringy green Bean. That partial that the French Bean has played a huge huge part in the latest 28 night crossing to the Caribbean ,

Now when you are on a cruise for a total of 28 nights isn’t it nice to get a wide and varied menu, the last thing you would want would be for a repetitive menu…………….

Every Sunday, Roast dinner for Lunch was good served with a few carrots and a huge handful of French Beans!

Dinner every night which was served in the evening was nice with a few vegetables but mainly a huge handful of French Beans ! Not every night no surely not! This is a 28 night cruise remember.

When you think you do not want to see another French Bean again you go to the buffet restaurant and just as you reach for the salad you see its filled with again French Green Beans. Tuna salads were filled with them the Quiches were filled with them, in fact it became a standing joke to all on board about never wanting to see another Green bean again for as long as they lived.

Seriously P&O did you order too many by mistake , it seems this way.

Luckily customers found the humour of it all, but what did become apparent was the  cost control on board!

No Laundry Bags in your cabin, no sweets on your tray in your room. PG Tips Tea bags now replace Twinings. (Although nothing wrong with PG Tips) The most comical part was that if you fancied a Hot Chocolate you were allowed one sachet per person per day between 9.30 and 10pm if you fancied walking to the buffet restaurant to collect it. Its like the film Oliver ‘Please Sir can I have my sachet of hot chocolate  please ‘!  Seriously though you wouldn’t get this on other cruiselines or would you?!

As it seemed costs were being cut left right and center it then became a bit of a surprise when my customer had dinner with a young Hungarian man who was assistant manager for housekeeping. He wanted to know at dinner if the guests had any questions.  My customer politely asked so as to include him in the conversation as noone was talking to him at this point, ‘whats happened to the sweets and the laundry bags on the cabin?’ He politely replied there has been a problem with the manufacturer apparently, so that broke the ice and a nice dinner was had. Served of course with a big helping of Green Beans 🙂

The following afternoon as my customers entered there cabin , on the bed was a Laundry bag together with a huge bouquet of flowers from Housekeeping. Obviously an impression was made from the evening before. But if they cant afford decent t bags and you are only allowed one sachet of hot chocolate between 9.30pm and 10pm why on earth are they splashing out on huge bouquets of flowers. Although a lovely gesture!

Your thought please on your latest cruise and were you on said sailing with Green Beans a plenty?

The conversation with my customer did make me laugh, always humour to be found on board!


Cheers Holly




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