3 children ages 9,8 & 5 were subjected to an awful situation on board the Adventure Of The Seas recently. Their parents first realised there was a problem when the children emerged from the pool in discoloured swimwear and complaining of itchy skin and stinging swollen eyes.

This family booked with me back in August for there 2 week annual holiday on board The Adventure Of The Seas, having never travelled with Royal Caribbean before I suggested to them that this was an ideal family holiday with having so much for the 3 children to keep them entertained.

My customer works away over in the states for most of the year so time together as a family is very precious to them so they decided to try a cruise with Royal being the favourite choice as a family.

The family were not impressed when they first realised the pools were saltwater, although there can be alot more benefits of a saltwater pool over freshwater,  but children being children decided this wasn’t going to put them off enjoying time in the pool. Only when they emerged they realised that their swimming attire and been removed of all the colour and then realised their eyes were stinging severely and their skin was starting to itch.

Dad immediately went to complain and all the response he had was the pool is fine and standard levels were all normal. No one seemed to be interested . I appreciate that salt water pools are supposed to be purer and alot healthier and not many chemicals needed, and I am also aware that occasional discolouring in salt water pools to swimwear can happen, but for three young children to not to want to swim in the pool because of swollen stinging eyes and itchy skin surely Royal had a responsibility to look into it and not fob the family off with an uncaring attitude.

Unfortunately my customer took on board what he was told and carried on regardless without following it up. Children’s health and overall happiness is paramount and my customer feels really let down and unfortunately wont be travelling with Royal again. Having children myself I certainly would have followed this through, swimming in pools is the one thing children love to do and after spending thousands on this family holiday I feel the family were very much let down.

What are your experiences regarding saltwater or freshwater pools on board? Do you have a preference . If so let me know I would love to hear your comments.


  1. I like salt water pools. I find it doesn’t sting the eyes and salt water on its own should strip bathing costumes of their colour. I have been on a Royal Caribbean ship (probably Voyager or Mariner – sisters of Advwnture) where the heated pool was chlorinated salt water. This really stung the eyes leaving them very red and sore. It was unpleasant enough that I avoided it. I’m guessing that this was the problem the children had. I didn’t complain on that occasion as the cool pool was pleasant. The problem disappeared, when, I assume, the water was replaced once we were into warmer climes.

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