About to book your cruise??? Read on before you book………………

It never fails to surprise me the tips you pick up a long the way when you have been selling cruises as long as I have but this is one piece of advice I am sure you will appreciate before booking your cruise.

Shore excursions!!!!!! Not all of you will be the independent traveller and will rely on shore excursions to see the ports of call you are visiting , I mean this is why we cruise isn’t it? So we can get the most out of each destination we see, but at what cost??.

One thing I suggest before anyone books their cruise, especially if you are new to cruise,  is to see how much the excursions cost before you book the trip.

How can you do this? As we all know, not all but most of the cruiselines only offer you the shore excursions and the prices for them once you have booked via your cruise planner . The tip is to log into Cruising Excursions .Com before you book your cruise so you can see the costs you incur for each trip which can be very handy when on a budget.

The reason I am telling you this is sometimes we see a cruise, book it and maybe, as we all know we stretch the budget a little bit further , maybe upgrading the flights, maybe upgrading the cabin but maybe what we should also do is to look at the cost of excursions and add them into the budget too.

It is so easy to book a cruise then see the cost of shore excursions on your dream holiday and then can’t afford to buy them too.

Of course there is an alternative to do your own thing at each port, but some ports eg St Petersburg you have no choice but to purchase your shore excursions so you do not have to but a visa upfront.

Just do your research before you buy or call me and I will offer you my honest advice on the best way to see your ideal port of call.

I hope this helps,

Holly xx



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