GOOGLE PLUS -I have unexpectedly found myself deep in the heart of the 21st century. After the success of Facebook and Twitter , Google has also jumped on this very successful bandwagon, introducing another social media site on a global scale. But how successful is it?

How does Google+  compare to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  Since Google+ formed in 2011  it is has now become more popular than Twitter. Every month nearly 390million people use Google+  and yet nearly 2 years after its launch its still a work in progress or is it?

Still low compared to 102 million users of Facebook but we have to appreciate Facebook has been around a lot longer than Google+ but if it can be as successful as Google the search engine then i am sure they have a huge global success on their hands.

After using Google+ I agree with many Google+ users that this is more of a platform to launch yourself and use Google+ as a business opportunity, to put yourself on a platform and to allow yourself to stand out from the crowd to other business partners and customers to create many more business opportunities. Its also all about having your name displayed as high up the Google Web Pages as you can.

If you can get your head around the circles and the plus ones and you are not afraid to say what you think then this could be a real exciting opportunity. I have to admit being a Facebook addict it didn’t take me long to feel the same way about Google+ and after developing my page full of pictures, facts and stories all about myself and the world of cruise I am fast becoming addicted to this too.

Don’t get me wrong I still have so much to learn but it stands me in good stead in delivering Holly Crabtree to the Travel/Cruise Industry World in showcasing my passion for cruise.

Holly Crabtree – Google+


These are my links , feel free to look around my profiles , I hope you will find them as interesting , informative and enjoyable as my other customers and  colleagues have found them. If you know what your doing feel free to like or share anything I have written about or include me in your circle(in other words add me as a friend like on Facebook)

I will be updating my pages every few days so if ever you fancy keeping updated on what is happening in the world of cruise via Google or Hollydaytales then please do.

Do you have a google+ account let me know so maybe we can swap circles. I look forward to hearing from you!


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