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I've been a Cruise Consultant for a number of years now and I can honestly say that it is just the best job ever. No two days are the same. I have got to know some fantastic people through the course of my job, both in the industry and clients,…

Posted on Jun 7, 2018
The Mystery of the Disappearing Roast Beef……… well almost!

You know how I love my food, I make no secret of it! So just before we headed off on our recent Fred Olsen cruise a colleague said to me that on Balmoral there is always roast beef on a Sunday in the Ballindalloch restaurant and it was not to…

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Posted on May 24, 2018

So on our recent Fjords cruise on Balmoral myself and Holly decided that having splashed out, quite literally, on the Rib Adventure in Eidfjord that we would just do our own thing in Bergen, get off the ship and wander around, however, just outside the cruise terminal we happened upon…

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Posted on May 10, 2018
What a ribbing good ride!!

Well here I am, just back from five nights on Fred Olsen's Balmoral, all refreshed and raring to go. What a wonderful time we had, if you haven't cruised to the Fjords then I would highly recommend it. They are quite simply breathtaking! One of the highlights of our trip…

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Posted on Apr 26, 2018
Stepping out of my comfort zone!

Well, this time next week I will be on a train heading for Newcastle with my colleague Holly to embark on one of my favourite ships, Fred Olsen Balmoral for our five night trip to the Fjords. I am so excited as I have wanted to visit the Fjords for…

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Posted on Apr 12, 2018
How Many River Cruise Ships?!!

A river ship isn't just a river ship you know. Well not if it's a Viking river cruise ship it isn't, and it is this that sets Viking apart from all the other river cruise lines. Their fleet is now over 60 ships, sailing rivers all over the world, and…

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Posted on Mar 29, 2018
“Get me to the church on time!”

Well not actually me as I am not the main attraction but I do have a fairly important role to play. I am so thrilled to finally be able to tell you all that my daughter and her partner of almost 10 years have recently become engaged. I have sort…

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Posted on Mar 15, 2018
Viking River Cruises – Award Winning Food!

Knowing that river cruise ships are much smaller and given that the facilities are smaller, you might be forgiven for thinking that the food on board is going to be nowhere as good, or varied,  as on an ocean cruise, you would be wrong! I must admit, having seen the…

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Posted on Mar 1, 2018
A Little Bit of Cruising History!

Well there I was all set to tell you about the highlight of any cruisers year, the upcoming launch of 2019/20 itineraries when I had a message from an old school friend telling me about a fab day out she had recently at the V&A museum in London. I just…

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Posted on Feb 16, 2018
What do you know about Sarande? – The New Kid On The Block!

Holland America, P&O and MSC are just some of the cruise lines visiting the port of Sarande in Albania this summer season. I have to admit it's a new one on me and I knew absolutely nothing about this port so I decided to do a bit of research which…

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Posted on Feb 4, 2018
River Cruising – why you should choose Viking!

River cruising is still uncharted territory for many seasoned cruisers but for me it is the best type of cruising. I have done five river cruises now and fell in love with river cruising the first time I tried it. One of the best river cruising experiences I had was…

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