Thomson Spirit, goodbye old friend?

Well, I am just back from my 3rd stay on the Thomson Spirit, and yet again, it was a wonderful experience.

It has been called the friendliest ship at sea and I certainly could not argue with that, you feel like one of the family.

As Thomson continue to modernize their fleet, with the TUI Discovery 1 & 2, and the Explorer next year, the decision has been made to let both the Spirit and the Majesty go.

What the ship may lack in modern technology, it more than makes up for in other ways.

The food, the staff & service, the food, the entertainment, oh and did I mention the food?

Nothing is too much problem for the hard working staff, their only goal every day is to make your stay as effortless as possible.


My personal favourites were Adrian, the gentle giant from deepest, darkest Transylvania, who made being the maitre d` look effortless, and Elvis, the singing & guitar playing waiter in the Compass Rose.

Having taken the reasonably priced drinks package, it was delight to be able to try the “Cocktail of the Day” everyday, and not have to worry about unexpected bills at the end of the cruise.

Twenty four hour dining is a killer though, it almost seems rude not to indulge, or OVER indulge. Breakfast, followed by lunch, then afternoon tea, a 4 course dinner and a midnight feast after the last show. They shouldn`t weigh your luggage, they should weigh you!

Like a pair of comfortable old slippers, the Spirit gives you a warm, friendly feeling, and I for one will miss it when it goes. Yes I know that there are some amazing ships out there, bursting with more modern technology than you can shake a stick at, but do yourself a favour, book a cruise on this fantastic ship before it finally sails off in to the sunset in November.


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