Something smells fishy!!!!

In an age of trying to save the planet, cutting back on air pollution and greenhouse gases, it is pleasing to see a major cruise line do its bit.

The Norwegian cruise line, Hurtigruten, has announced that it has signed a seven & a half year deal with Biokraft to supply climate-neutral liquified biogas (LBG).

What makes this story more interesting is that one of the main components of this fuel will be dead fish! Yes, you did read that correctly, dead fish.

As Norway has a big fishing market, thus giving them lots of fish waste it makes sense to use these unrequired parts rather than simply binning them.

The liquid biogas is created by mixing all the unwanted parts of fish with other organic waste, such as wood chips. When this organic matter is broken down without oxygen, a mixture of different gasses is produced which is mostly made up of methane and carbon dioxide and can then be purified and liquefied into usable fuel.

Hurtigruten claims that it is aiming to have six of its 17 ships running on a combination of biogas, batteries, and liquified natural gas by 2021, and ultimately have carbon-neutrality by 2050.

Ironically, one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses is the meat industry, so by simply cutting back on eating animals would have a significant effect on the planet. It is claimed that the world’s top five meat and dairy producers combined emit more greenhouse gases than Exxon-Mobil, Shell, or BP. Added to the deforestation of parts of our planet, simply to raise livestock for human consumption, then your next hamburger really does have consequences for our future.

So although Hurtigruten should be applauded for their efforts, and hopefully the other cruise lines will follow suit, this action alone will not be enough to save the planet.

We all need to take responsibility and do everything we can to cut down on our contribution to these harmful gases, through our diet and use of fossil fuels.  We all have the power to make small changes to our everyday lives to help protect our beautiful planet because it is the only one we have.

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