Look who is back on our screens.

A New Year and two Old Friends return to our TV screens, The Cruise and Cruising with Jane McDonald.

The Cruise

After enjoying the previous episodes, I have to say that I was disappointed with this new offering.

The series kicked off onboard the 3,500-guest Majestic Princess ship which sails to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. There will be another 5 episodes from Thursday 10th January.

They focused on Karen McIntosh, the Food and Beverage Director, and her worry over getting all the supplies onboard before they set sail, including the port staff dropping a whole pallet of milk. They also looked at two of the Assistant Cruise Directors who were in competition to see who could entertain the guests.  Now I have never cruised with Princess, but I would have expected a more professional level of entertainment for their passengers. Looked a bit holiday camp to me.

The new series follows the success of the previous five, which were filmed across the Mediterranean, Baltics, Caribbean and Alaska. The three most recent series, which all aired last year, attracted an average audience of around 3.5m per episode across the series.

Cruising with Jane McDonald

Ms McDonald has returned, and she also was Down Under, with more than half the programme focussing on Non Cruise activities. We were treated to her attempting to buy a wetsuit, obviously, she tried on the most expensive one. She then sampled some Tuning Fork therapy, as you do. Finally, she made it to her ship, coincidentally also a Princess cruise ship. Again, obviously, as she is not paying for it, she had a Balcony cabin. She took us for a very uninformative tour of the ship, which really did not tell us anything. Must do better.

These programmes are very popular, especially so that we can find out more about the ships, facilities, cruise lines, ports of call etc. I have to say that neither of these two was overly informative, however, I will be glued to my screen again this week.

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