How do you decide on your next cruise?

Well here we are in February and the weather is not great. This has prompted me to start thinking about our next cruise, but there is so much choice out there.

How do you decide on which cruise to book?

There are 3 main reasons why people book a specific cruise, which one are you?

Budget Conscious.

If you are like me, the cost of the cruise can be very important when it comes to making a choice of cruise. I always want to get the best value on my cruise, so having a Drinks Package, Flights, Transfers etc included is a big factor in me picking the best deal for me and my wife.


As the world is becoming a smaller place and more people do more cruises, the ports of call can be really important. If you have sailed in the Caribbean a few times, it can get harder to find an itinerary so that you are not visiting the same ports you have been to before. That is why my company offers a lot of Tailor Made itineraries, taking you off the beaten track and including Hotels and Private Tours.

Brand Loyalty

The final option is customer brand loyalty. A lot of customer stick with the same cruise line when they are booking their cruises. Companies like P&O, Cunard, Princess, Royal Caribbean & Celebrity can offer better deals if you are an existing guest with them. My favourite cruise line, Marella, does not offer this kind of scheme but it may be something they need to consider in an age when the cruise market is so cutthroat.

So are you one of the above or do you have a different reason for booking your cruises?

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