Meat or no meat?

My mother said that my decision to no longer eat any animals was just a phase I was going through. Now here I am 30 years later and I am still going through “my phase”.

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Hold onto your hats, here is Dorian

The big story this week is the annual problem of Hurricanes in the Caribbean.

This year it is the slow-moving, category five Dorian – the second-strongest Atlantic hurricane on record. With wind speeds reaching up to 175 miles per hour.

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Another tragedy at sea

The terrible news we heard this week was of another unfortunate death on a cruise ship.

In the early hours of Wednesday the 14th of August, the alarm was raised onboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Symphony of the Seas. Somehow an Australian man had fallen into the sea. Royal Caribbean said the ship immediately turned around after realizing the man had gone overboard and launched a rescue boat.

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Stop clowning around

The shocking news in the cruise world this week was the “alleged riot” onboard the P&O Britannia.

During a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, just hours after ship Britannia left Bergen, an incident took place late at night in the buffet. Allegedly guests used plates and furniture as weapons due to someone wearing a clown suit.

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Drama in the ocean

The big humanitarian news story this week concerns a cruise ship going to the rescue of a stranded vessel carrying over 100 migrants trying to flee to the West and hopefully a better life.

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By Royal Appointment

The big news from Saga Cruises this week was the official launch of their brand new ship Spirit of Discovery.

This is the first ever New Build from the cruise line and she was launched by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

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The best (wo)man for the job

The big news from Virgin Voyages this week is the announcement of the captain of their 1st ship, Scarlet Lady.

The honour goes to Canadian woman Wendy Williams. Williams has more than 28 years of experience working on ships at sea, including more than a decade as a deckhand in commercial fishing off the western coast of Canada and as a ferryboat captain. She has also spent 15 years in various roles on the bridge of cruise mega ships and new her position with Virgin Voyages will be her first promotion to the rank of master of a cruise ship.

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Its all happening in Venice

Well, Venice has been in the news twice recently with 2 related cruise stories, first a crash and then a protest.

On Sunday the 2nd June, MSC Opera apparently snapped a tow rope then careered into a smaller boat, docked with 130 passengers onboard.

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Something smells fishy!!!!

In an age of trying to save the planet, cutting back on air pollution and greenhouse gases, it is pleasing to see a major cruise line do its bit.

The Norwegian cruise line, Hurtigruten, has announced that it has signed a seven & a half year deal with Biokraft to supply climate-neutral liquified biogas (LBG).

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And then there was only one!

The big cruise story this week was the totally unexpected news from Royal Caribbean. Despite the fact that lots of customers had already made their bookings for 2020, Royal made the surprising decision to pull Independence of the Seas out of Southampton and relocate her to Fort Lauderdale.

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