Fred Wants you to ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’!

..And what a fantastically good idea!

As we are now very much more aware of the impact on single use plastic products on the global  environment, and specifically in our seas and oceans, Fred Olsen have introduced a new initiative to complement their existing Green Policy.

Called ‘Refill’ and brought to you by City to Sea, Refill is an award-winning campaign with over 20,000 water refilling stations across the UK, making it easy to top up your reusable water bottle instead of buying a plastic one.

This is a  great campaign – and did you know there is now a  National Refill Day?   with the hashtag  #GotTheBottle.                                        Which takes place  on 19th June every year.  To encourage us all to ditch  single use plastic products , which three quarters of us Brits now consider socially unacceptable to use.

Did you also know?

  • It is estimated that the Refill campaign will have stopped over 100 million single-use bottles from becoming waste by the end of 2019
  • High street chains, Greggs, Pret and Sweaty Betty are the latest to join the ‘Refill Revolution’ providing free drinking water for all – taking the total number of Refill stations to more than 20,000  (Are you listening cruise lines?)  Freds are! and here’s details of their new initiative:

They are  installing water refilling stations across all their ships.

By bringing your reusable bottle with you on your cruise, you’ll be doing  your part to help prevent plastic pollution from flowing into rivers, seas and oceans.

It doesnt stop there!

✓ Single-use plastic water bottles are no longer available to purchase on board

✓ In guest rooms, they have replaced plastic water bottles with glass carafes, which are replenished daily

✓ Bar  staff are on-hand to fill your water bottles for you

✓ Guests can purchase refillable bottles in their shop on board

✓ They’ve introduced resealable water cans for purchase on board that can be refilled and recycled

✓ Single-use plastic straws, cutlery and coffee cups are no longer available

I’m really hoping that this takes off, and more Cruise Lines jump ‘onboard’ with this very important initiative. At the moment, water is not free on alot of the cruise ships, which I think is even more incentive for us to ‘Bring Our Own Bottle’

Have you #GotTheBottle yet?

Regards, Gina



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