Fancy a ‘Twirl’ on a Chocolate Themed Cruise?

Hello Fellow Cruise Lovers!

Had enough of Brexit? The Weather? Not a Rugby Fan?  Like Chocolate??

Costa Cruises seems to think this is an untapped market, and have introduced a new eight day Mediterranean cruise dedicated entirely to chocolate!  Called (imaginatively) The Eurochocolate Cruise, dreamed up between the cruise line and the Eurochocolate Festival. (I didnt know this existed?)  Seems its the world’s largest international event which takes place annually in Perugia Italy.  Well, fancy!


The Cruise on board the Costa Pacifica, departs Civitavecchia on April 16th 2020, visiting Genoa, Barcelona, Palma De Mallorca, Malta and Catania.  Did you know that Costa Cruises have their own branded chocolate?  No neither did I!  Its called the  Napolitan.

So what do I think of a cruise which is entirely dedicated to chocolate, and what choc-related activities would be on offer?     My first thought is ‘sickly’.  Lets face it, there’s food a-plenty on board a cruise ship, and I know of no passengers  who have said they came off a cruise not having had enough food!  So to dedicate a whole cruise to one product is a bit ‘fruit & nutty’….

So what can guests who book the inaugural Eurochocolate Cruise look forward to?

— Presentations by chocolate experts that reveal all the secrets of “The Food of the Gods”

— Chocolate- and pastry-making classes, workshops and laboratories led by master chocolatiers;

— Master Classes led by famed chocolate artisans Guido Gobino, Enric Rovira and Pierpaolo Ruta

— Special tasting sessions, some of which pair an assortment of chocolate confections paired with wines and Mediterranean dishes

— An overall chocolate-infused onboard dining experience, consisting of tailor-made food and cocktail offerings, and featuring original menus like “Tutto Cacao” or “Choco Aperitivo”

— Exclusive and engaging show-cooking sessions with the famous food blogger Sonia Peronaci of Giallo Zafferano.

— Daily, chocolate-centric excursions at each new port, including a visit to the Chocolate Museum of Barcelona

Also aboard the ship will be an original chocolate sculpture, made on the spot by a Eurochocolate master.

I’m not convinced this kind of ‘theme’ would be for me.  Too much of a good thing would get repetitive and boring after awhile I would imagine, except for the hardcore chocaholic enthusiasts I suppose .  And has anyone thought about the after effects of eating all this chocolate?  Sugar Rush?  Diabetes?  Surely there must be a health warning?  Oh and will there be Vegan alternatives!


So on a lighter note:  here’s a few choc jokes for you….

‘What’s an electrician’s favourite ice cream flavour? Shock a lot’.

‘Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a pyramid covered in chocolate and hazelnuts. It’s believed to be the tomb of Pharaoh Rocher.’

One more, and my personal favourite:

‘Someone threw a milk chocolate bar at me. How dairy.’

So Cruise Lovers, would a Choc Cruise do it for you?  Would you pic(nic) this type, give it a ‘Twirl’ or keep your ‘Options’ open ?


That’s all for now



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