I’m On The Edge

I’m on the edge… of glory as the song goes.

No I’m not turning into Lady Gaga.  I am so excited to say I have been chosen by work to go on a trip on the new Celebrity Edge when she comes to Southampton next month in May for 2 nights.

Edge actually launched at the end of last year in Miami with great reviews and she is going to be making the journey across the Atlantic to spend a season in the Mediterranean for the summer.  Along the way she will be calling into Southampton for a few nights and the lovely people at Celebrity have invited a few agents to come on board and experience what she has to offer.  I have to say, since Edge was announced what seems like forever ago, I have wanted to step aboard and see what she is all about, and I actually cannot wait to see her.  Celebrity are one of, if not my all time favourite cruise lines and I am very interested to see how they have improved on their Solstice Class off ships which in my opinion are the leaders of the pack in the cruising world.

Whilst I am aboard I will be bringing you all the good, the bad hopefully some things you might not have seen anyone mention yet.  Make sure you like my Facebook page for all the updates and if there is anything that you would like to know about the ship or anything you would like me to check out for you, please get in touch with me and let me know and I will be more than happy to do this for you.

If there is anything you would like me to look at then you can email me on georged@cruise.co.uk or you can call me on 0333 300 2457, or pop a comment below and I will come back to you.




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