That time of year again.

Summer is here and the kids have finished school.  For me it isn’t really any different.  I don’t have a child school age yet so have the freedom to travel anytime.  I have had my family holiday earlier this month and now just have a few short breaks to look forward to in August.  Although I am at work now throughout the summer I don’t really like this time of year.  So many people try and get last minute family cruises at this time of year and there is no availability.  Everyone wants a good deal and if there were just 2 people travelling you may still get a bargain but all of the 3 and 4 berth cabins for the summer book up so far ahead.  Also some cruise lines do restrict how many children in each age group they allow on board.  I like to try and find a cruise for everyone so it is disappointing when I can’t get the school holiday availability for you.  Cruises for the holidays really need to be booked a year ahead and you do get some really good deals by doing this.  It is also difficult when you are restricted to dates with school holidays.  I am quite lucky at the moment that I can travel any time but it must be so hard when you have to stick to school holiday dates.  If you are thinking of booking a family cruise for next year please let me know and I can see what we can do.  If you are a party of 2 wanting to travel you will still find some availability over the next few weeks although restricted.  Cruising is very different to land holidays as people do book far ahead where cruising is concerned.  I think it is also nice to have something to look forward to.

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