P&O, No more Gratuities!


When you go on a cruise the question of Gratuities always gets people talking.  Why should I pay a set amount?  I want to tip who I want to!  Well now with P&O cruises you can.  P&O are going to be stopping their discretionary daily service charge.  I am sure this will please lots of people.  P&O cruises take huge pride in giving their passengers a very memorable experience.  P&O now feel that by removing the discretionary daily service change this will make the experience a lot more relaxing for guests.  This isn’t going to happen overnight though.  P&O are bringing this in from May 2019 for the following cruises onwards

A911, B912, E911/A, J903, N910, R907 and X907


Any cruises before this date will still have the discretionary daily service charge of £7 per person per day added to their on board account if you are over 12 years of age.  As this is only discretionary it can still be removed if you wish by letting them know at reception at the start of your cruise.

I am please to hear that P&O have decided to remove this daily charge.  It does cause a lot of debate over whether it should be paid etc.  Some people feel that tipping should be to who they feel they have received the great service from.  other people will pay the daily service charge and then still tip extra where other people will choose not to tip at all.   I do wonder if P&O will but the price of their cruises up with the new change so it will be interesting to see when they launch their new sailing from this September.  I wonder if the other cruise lines will now follow suit and also scrap their daily service charges.  It will be interesting to see.



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