Few days by the Sea

I have recently returned from a few nights away with my family.  Every year I try and do a few nights stay with my mum, nan and sister.  This year was slightly different as Poppy came with us along with the men.  We opted for Great Yarmouth as we went there 2 years ago and thought it was a lovely place and especially for small children.  We had booked into a hotel for 3 nights.  The hotel itself wasn’t great and we did have some issues but we made the most of what we had.  We were very lucky with the weather for the 3 nights and did well not to have much rain at all.

Poppy got to go on the beach and we let her have a splash in the sea.  Some of my extended family also came to see us for a day out which was lovely to see them.  We did spend a little time in the arcades and my sister was desperate to win Poppy something.  We took a walk down to the fair they have at one end but the rides were a bit too big for Poppy this year.  She did enjoy the little rides they had and we took her to Joyland which is more geared to small children.  She loves rides and went on quite a few!  The one thing I wanted to do this time was visit the model village which we decided to do one evening as it is all illuminated.  We arrived there after dinner and spent a few hours there.

They have a mini golf which we played and then we took a trip around the model village.  The houses are all lit up at night and some of the scenes are quite funny.  Poppy slept for most of it so we may need another trip.  We managed quite a few goes at the min golf they have along the sea front and ate lots of food.  I do enjoy little breaks like this as it is good old fashioned seaside holidays.  We are already planning one for 2019!

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