Where In The World?

Where In The World Would You Like To Travel To?

The world has definitely become a smaller place over the years.

Once upon a time the only way to cross the Atlantic was by sea, which takes on average 7 days and yet in the modern era of jet travel we think nothing of flying to New York for a weekend break, how the airlines have changed the world.

So, that’s why I ask – where do you want to travel to next?  Australia, New Zealand, The Galapagos, South America? It’s a long list and more importantly – what do you want to do when you are there? We all want the best experience and sometimes trying to organise these trips by yourself can be a bit of a headache. That’s why our team here at cruise.co.uk have created some fantastic itineraries and experiences for all budgets.

Have you seen our Bucket List brochure or looked on line at our Tailor Made itineraries, you can experience an Ultimate South America tour that includes Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls and Rio de Janiero? Or visit China and Japan in an epic trip to Asia that lets you see Pandas, Snow Monkeys, a Robot cabaret and The Terracotta Warriors, perhaps the wildlife of Costa Rica is more your thing or why not cover the Seven Wonders Of the World in one go? The list is endless and as I said earlier we can tailor a stay and cruise to your needs. Recently, I have arranged a cruise from Singapore to Sydney with a few days in Sydney then a cruise to New Zealand with some days at the end to discover Auckland, it’s only our imaginations that limit what we can do!

So please let your mind run riot and jot down those places you really want to see, give me a call and we will get our heads together!

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