Want To Cruise From The Emerald Isle – Better Get Your Skates On !

Want To Cruise From The Emerald Isle – Better Get Your Skates On !

I was shocked to hear this week, that the Dublin port authority have announced plans to halve the number of cruise ships calling into Dublin from 2021.

They are to limit the number of ships to just 80 – this was the number of ships that called into the port in 2010 and there are 160 scheduled to visit in 2019 – how strange is this decision ?  I am sure that passengers visiting Dublin’s fair city bring in a vast amount of Euros for the economy and many local businesses will feel the effects from the loss of this valuable income.

Apparently, the freight business side is on the increase – but I can’t see that helping out the economy by the same amount, can you?

I can remember a few years ago my Irish colleagues were thrilled when Celebrity Cruises announced their plans to have one of their ships sailing from Dublin during the Summer months, so I find it a very strange decision.

As passengers we all want choices, a choice of ships and departure ports and it’s great that some of the cruise lines have acknowledged this. Departing from Southampton is great if you live within a couple of hours drive, but what about if you live in Ireland or Scotland? It could be a 9/10 hour drive and think of the additional costs – overnight hotel, petrol or a flight cost, it all adds up.

So it’s great to see more regional departures from Dundee, Hull, Tilbury and of course Liverpool.I have just checked out the cruise schedule for the Port Of Liverpool and this year there are so many scheduled transit stops and departures this year, the likes of Cunard, Norwegian Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Celebrity, Disney, Princess and Viking Cruises sail into the city – the local economy will obviously benefit – so come on Dublin, re think your strategy.

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