The Jane McDonald Effect Strikes Again!

The Jane McDonald Effect Strikes Again!

Have you been watching the current series of Cruising With Jane McDonald? I know that it’s a bit like a busman’s holiday for me but I really enjoy it. It’s great to see the different ships and itineraries she experiences.

Last night,  I watched from on demand the 2 episodes that feature the Ganges River cruise with Uniworld – how fantastic did that look? India is definitely on my Bucket List and I think to visit on a river cruise is the perfect way to see the many sights and sound of India.

I think that the two episodes showcased the experience really well. It gave the viewer an insight into not only the culture of the country but the river cruise experience too. You can see that this journey isn’t for the mega ship lovers with entertainment on demand 24/7 , it is for a traveller that wants to explore this area with like minded passengers and take in the local culture.

I thought that the ship, the Ganges Voyager II looked magnificent, the staff were attentive and professional, the shore excursions ideally suited to the destination. I just wish that they would show more of the cabin choice available – it’s all well an good giving Ms McDonald the top suite but what about the rest of us? I think it would really help and manage expectations to be shown the range of cabins available, because let’s face it most of us would love a suite but our numbers would need to come up on the lottery first!

Also showcasing the extension to the cruise was a brilliant idea – I mean who wouldn’t want to add this on when travelling that far? The hotels they use looked perfect and the local guides so knowledgeable.

I was lucky enough to visit a Uniworld river cruise vessel a few years ago and I can definitely say that they are beautiful ships – decorated to a very high standard with excellent amenities.

So, if India is on your Bucket List why not try to do it this way? Contact me and we can look at the options together.



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