MSC Cruises – No Longer The Marmite Of The Cruise Industry!

MSC Cruises – No Longer The Marmite Of The Cruise Industry!

Love em or loathe them you have got to hand it to MSC Cruises as they continually try to improve their brand with new and innovative developments.

Recently they announced that by the end of 2018 all plastic straws will be replaced with 100% compostable and biodegradable alternatives on board their ships and by the end of March 2019 they will be phasing out or replacing all single use plastic items Рhow brilliant is that? I am sure that we have all seen the effects of plastic pollution and what it is doing to the marine wildlife and anything that can be done should be done Рdo we really need a plastic straw in our Pina Colada?

But the above announcements are just part of their ongoing commitment to reduce waste and pollution on all their fleet. Their ships already have state of the art recycling systems on board and a team of enviromental officers to ensure that the company’s vision is carried out to the best of their abiliity. You have got to congratulate them on these steps and hope that other cruise lines also take action.

And then, just a couple of days ago, MSC announce that they are not just going to be dipping their toes in the Ultra Luxury cruise market they will be getting totally drenched with the news that have ordered 4 new ships to compete in this tough market.

The first of the ships is due in Spring 2023 and will feature – wait for it – just 500 cabins and will have a gross tonnage of 64000 – what a U turn – just think of the size of MSC Bellissima,¬†171,598 GT and a capacity of 4,500 passengers. They are promising new and exciting itineraries as these new ships will be able to venture into ports that their other ships can’t – doesn’t that sound great?

It seems that every month MSC have something new to shout about and I for one am really pleased to hear it – so if you have not thought about MSC before or you had read lots of negative comments, well perhaps now is the time to change your mind.



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