Howdy There Partner!

Howdy There Partner!

Who has a thing for sitting down on a rainy Sunday afternoon and watching a good old western?

This is me and my Family a few years ago on a horseback adventure in the Nevada desert.

When I was little I used to love watching these films with my Dad, he loved John Wayne! – What great fun it looked to be sat by the campfire, spinning tales – don’t know about eating the beans though!

Well, if that’s something that you have always yearned to do, I have some great news for you – we have just put together a fantastic itinerary.

Imagine staying for 2 nights on a working ranch in Texas! Obviously horse riding is a must, you have got to feel like a proper cowboy after all, but there are loads of other activities to try out and if that all becomes a bit too strenuous well there’s a little old spa to pamper your body in ( and possibly a sore behind! )

Not only do you get to spend the time on the ranch but you also get to discover the best of what Texas has to offer, you get a hearty American breakfast every day on the tour, you will enjoy a scenic cruise on the San Antonio River, visit the Texas Cowboy Hall Of fame and see the San Antonio Mission National Park.

Then once you have enjoyed this, then you will enjoy a 7 night cruise on board Liberty Of The Seas – and this is a great itinerary too – go from the modern world of Texas to the ancient civilisation of The Mayans, visit the ruins at Cozumel and then for some well earned R & R, relax on Grand Cayman and Jamaica – whats not to love about this itinerary?

There is so much included with this and it costs from just £2549.00 per person for an inside cabin – Don’t you think that is good value?

If you want more information please let me know and I can send you a link with the full itinerary.


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