How Do We Keep Up With The Changes?

How on earth can we keep up to date with the ever changing cruise industry that we all love.

I know that the cruise lines like to keep us on our toes, but at the moment it seems that every day we are hearing something new – whether it’s about a new ship and it’s never seen before technology, which ship is getting the next costly refurbishment – I mean, blink and you will miss something.

Just yesterday, and I still can’t quite believe it, P & O Cruises revealed that from May 2019 they are scrapping gratuities! This is after raising them just a few months ago. My first thought was – how will they replace this revenue? The answer being – increased fares, but P & O have confirmed that passengers will not see an increase in fares and some really good news, their staff will not be paid less! I am sure that this will mean that us Brits will continue to tip when and where we see fit – I hope that other cruise lines take note of this decision.

In another great decision for the UK, Princess Cruises have decided that passengers cruising from the UK on Sapphire Princess will, from next year haveĀ in-cabin tea and coffee-making facilities. Great news! Who among us likes to have to get out of bed, make your way to the buffet and get your morning cuppa – what bliss it will be to enjoy that first drink in the morning in the comfort of your cabin. Again – other cruise lines please take note – I would certainly enjoy my morning coffee more in the Caribbean, so let’s see if we can get tea trays added in the US and Europe.

Then we have had the decision from Royal Caribbean to stop selling all inclusive drinks packages on sailings from the UK of less than 4 nights. I am in two minds about this – I enjoy a drink with the best of them but find that on these short cruises it can be a bit of a nightmare when the majority of guests are all inclusive – long queues at the bars, people ” over Celebrating” etc – so this may be a good idea and stop the ” booze cruises “, after all some people choose to take a taster cruise to get an idea of what the cruise line is all about and you don’t get to see the ship at it’s best! Do you agree?

Let me know how you keep up with the ever changing cruise line news.

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