Have You Managed To Find That Elusive Bargain This Year?

Have you managed to find that elusive bargain this year?

Well, how’s it been for you this year? Did you do as Fred Pontin advised and booked your cruise early or have you left it until the last minute and failed to get that cut price cruise?

It’s certainly been a very interesting lates market for the cruise industry – the cruise lines have definitely had the upper hand this year and they have certainly held their nerve and not slashed prices. I think a lot of it has had to do with the generalĀ  lack of availability. For a while now when I have been looking at what’s around, especially for 3 and 4 berth cabins a lot of the cruises have been completely full, which is great news for the cruise lines but not so for the families who have left it late to book their hard earned holiday.

Then, when you can find availability, be it for a single passenger, a couple or a family then the prices seem to have been a lot higher than in previous years, according to the cruise lines there are a few reasons for this, they had great offers early in the year, extra on board credit, free drinks packages etc which has meant that a lot of passengers decided to take the plunge earlier this year, I mean we all know that there is no such thing as a free drinks package, but when it’s included it can save a serious amount of money! Also, the rates of exchange have increased prices for us here in the UK, the fuel they have to buy is more expensive, food costs increased and they pass some of it onto the passengers – lets hope we don’t go back to the bad old days of fuel supplements!

So if you have been one of those disappointed cruisers this year, then don’t leave it until this time next year to book. Start thinking about it now and give me a call to see what we can find.


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