Cheers Everyone!

Cheers Everyone!

Are cruise line drinks packages worth it? What are your thoughts? Do you only sail on lines that have an all inclusive drinks package already included or are you a little more cynical and believe that there is no such thing as a ” free ” drinks package?

And which do you choose – there are soft drinks packages, coffee packages, premium, standard – the list goes on and on, but they all come with a price and some rules.

I am not going to run through them cruise line by cruise line as I am sure you don’t want to still be reading this next week – but here are a few high and low lights.

Azamara Cruises – Now one of the selling points with Azamara is that drinks and gratuities are included in the cruise cost – true – but there are still packages you can purchase – they have not 1 but three wine packages, there are premium packages for wine too and what about their Ultimate Liquor package this costs 21.95 USD per day, so forget about relaxing when you embark, the first few hours will be spent searching the drinks menus for the best deals!

Celebrity Cruises – I think that Celebrity Cruises were one of the first lines to introduce drinks packages way back in 2009 and I have to say that I do got lots of requests for the fares that include the Classic drinks package – normally 55 USD per person per day, but be aware especially when looking into a cruise that offers the chance to be a little more tailor made as we very often have fares that re cheaper than the cruise line that don’t offer the drinks package and will work out much better for you financially, it would just mean that you will have to pay for your drinks package on board or through your personaliser.

P & O Cruises – At last I hear you cry – P & O have caught up with everyone else and are now offering you the chance to be more inclusive. Again, why have the choice of just 1 or 2 when you can have 4? Their Ultimate drinks package costs £39.95 per day and for this princely sum you can order up to 15 alcoholic drinks per day costing up to £6.95 each, so if you do the maths that’s a good saving.

So if a drinks package is for you just make sure you check out the full terms and conditions, such as – does it include the gratuity? Can In order from room service etc. But whatever you decide – Cheers!



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