All Your Dietary Needs Covered!

All Your Dietary Needs Covered.

In this fast paced world where Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Fat Free diets are now the ” norm “, it makes you wonder how cruise lines cope with this ever increasing dietary request from passengers.

Not so long ago these requests were unheard of, as passengers tucked into creamy calorie laden sauces, delicious warm rolls with melting butter, rich dark chocolate cakes – I am sure you get the picture! and they worried about starting their diet after the cruise.

Cruise lines still love their meat eaters as the number of meat focused speciality restaurants available on board show, but the times they are a changing¬† and it is good to hear that Royal Caribbean have now introduced a Vegan menu option in their main dining room so customers following a Vegan diet can enjoy more formal dining. You have always had vegan options in the Windjammer but passengers can now enjoy delights such as orzo pasta stew with vegetables or endame bean stuffed Portobello mushrooms and they haven’t forgotten the desserts either you will be glad to hear.

So what about other cruise lines?

In the main most cruise lines will offer a variety of options. The buffet restaurants will always have vegetarian options available throughout the day and the main dining rooms will offer various ” meat free ” alternatives. All cruise lines now realise and understand the importance of catering to the various dietary demands of it’s customers as for many it may not be a life style choice it can be a medical issue.

Anyone with special dietary needs eg lactose intolerant, pescatarian, low/no fat etc should advise of this at the time of booking and then make themselves known to the Maitre’d once on board so that your diet can be discussed in greater detail. Examples of the menus available can be found online and I know you will be amazed at the choices now available.


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