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Hi there, my name is Gail. I live in Manchester, am married to Colin and have 2 grown up daughters, Danielle and Kimberley, we all live together with our 2 Jack Russell terriers, Lottie and Mitzi - One day I am sure that my 2 girls will want to leave…

Posted on Nov 21, 2018
Carrots And Peas – Two Very Lucky Turkeys

  Carrots And Peas - Two Very Lucky Turkeys! As I sat watching the news on television last night, I had to laugh out loud at a particular item - A Presidential Pardon¬† for 2 turkeys from President Trump. Apparently, this is a bit of a Thanksgiving Tradition in the…

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Posted on Nov 7, 2018
Where Do I Want To Go Next?

Where do I want to go next? With so many different and exciting places to visit in the world that is not an easy question to answer. Do I want sun? Do I want amazing scenery? What about culture? - yes, yes, and yes - but all on the same…

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Posted on Oct 23, 2018
MSC Cruises – No Longer The Marmite Of The Cruise Industry!

MSC Cruises - No Longer The Marmite Of The Cruise Industry! Love em or loathe them you have got to hand it to MSC Cruises as they continually try to improve their brand with new and innovative developments. Recently they announced that by the end of 2018 all plastic straws…

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Posted on Oct 10, 2018
What Are You Without Your Family And Friends?

What are you without your family and friends? I am lucky enough to be sitting here at my laptop in sunny Cyprus, looking out at a clear blue sky and feeling the warmth of the sun. This great job allows us to work wherever we have an internet connection,¬† so…

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Posted on Sep 24, 2018
Is It Time To Try A Different Cruise Line?

Is it time to try a different cruise line? Are you a committed P & O Cruiser or will you only sale with Celebrity? I find that a lot of people who I speak to definitely have their favourites but are becoming more open minded about trying another cruise line.…

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Posted on Sep 17, 2018
Spa Treatments At Sea – Do You Indulge?

Spa treatments at sea - do you indulge? Is there a better way to while away a couple of hours whilst at sea than lying face down, inhaling wonderful aromas whilst an expert kneads and massages the tension from your muscles - I think not! Who doesn't love to be…

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Posted on Sep 4, 2018
Do You Want The Norwegian Fjords Or the Norwegian Fjords>

Do you want the Norwegian Fjords or the Norwegian Fjords? I have to say that the Norwegian Fjords are perhaps one of the most scenic places to visit in the world but I am feeling very underwhelmed that P & O's newest ship, Iona will spend all of her inaugural…

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Posted on Aug 21, 2018
How Do We Keep Up With The Changes?

How on earth can we keep up to date with the ever changing cruise industry that we all love. I know that the cruise lines like to keep us on our toes, but at the moment it seems that every day we are hearing something new - whether it's about…

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Posted on Aug 7, 2018
Have You Managed To Find That Elusive Bargain This Year?

Have you managed to find that elusive bargain this year? Well, how's it been for you this year? Did you do as Fred Pontin advised and booked your cruise early or have you left it until the last minute and failed to get that cut price cruise? It's certainly been…

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Posted on Jul 24, 2018
Howdy There Partner!

Howdy There Partner! Who has a thing for sitting down on a rainy Sunday afternoon and watching a good old western? This is me and my Family a few years ago on a horseback adventure in the Nevada desert. When I was little I used to love watching these films…

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