Regal Princess To Be New Flagship For ‘Ocean Medallion’ Project

How many times have you lost or misplaced your key card at a hotel or on a cruise ship?

Frantically padding yourself down checking your pockets like you have fleas, looking like a right idiot?

Whether slightly inebriated, sun stroked, or just being a little bit careless, we’ve all been there haven’t we!!!

Well, no more! Princess Cruises has developed a piece of kit that has totally re-imagined the key card system…..they call it….’Ocean Medallion’

This clever little gadget will be physically attached to you, in the form of a wristwatch/band style accessory, around the neck, presumably where the name comes from, or by look of it as a clip on style badge. So a nice bit of choice straight away.

This will act as your on board identity when scanned, works wirelessly as your cabin door key, and will give you the ability to sync with a phone app, and on board account, so you can keep track of your reckless spending on ship!

It also looks to have a tracking function, and rumour has it that you can order a drink from anywhere on the ship via the phone app, and a waiter will bring it straight to you! Very dangerous indeed!

But from a serious note, the tracking on ship will be welcomed by families, knowing where their kids are at all times – a great idea to stop the worry. I’ll be a parent myself in the summer and I know this would make me feel happier.

So no more of the lost card saga!

It looks to be rolled out on Regal Princess around November time, and if it proves successful, one would assume it will be rolled out fleet wide. I can’t see why this wouldnt happen to be honest, other than the potential cost. It can’t be cheap implementing tech like that surely?

So Princess fans, what’dya think? Impressed? Let me know!

That’s all for today, I’m tech’d out!

Have a great weekend, thanks for reading, and as always, until next time………..



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