BREAKING NEWS: Successfully Create Bobby Moore/Barbie Hybrid!!!


Perhaps the cornerstone of any good night.

But when you combine this dastardly potion with Tonic, Ice, Freddie, Karaoke, and 100 plus excitable staff, you end up with blog strap lines such as the above…

Yes you guessed it, this weekend was the annual end of year bash for the company, and as with any end of year blow out, there was hard work, and hard play!

This year our venue was none other than everyone’s favourite British Seaside Resort of Butlins at Skegness!

Usually we take a short cruise, so I must admit I was somewhat skeptical of the choice, however Butlins did a fine job, and other than a slightly chilly room, and some suspect plumming, I think I speak for everyone when I say it was thoroughly enjoyable and I for one would happily go back there again.

I won’t bore you with the full in’s and out of the cats behind about the actual conference part, other than to say we had some valuable product training, some fun team building, and an interesting run down of how the company was doing, numbers, incentives, where staff have been etc this year – it’s the companies way of keeping us in touch each year, and it’s nice because home working can be a lonely world if you let it get to you! Also I managed two ‘shout out’s’ this year from my amazing trip to Shanghai, and with the birth of my son Michael. It’s certainly been a busy year looking back!

But I know you really don’t care about any of this, all you want to see is the picture that my title here refers to right?

OK I’ll buckle…

Firstly I should explain that it had been a long day, it was fancy dress, I was very cold, a little tipsy, and quite honestly, very giddy…

Also, I feel that roping in my partners in crime Peter and Adam (who also work in reservations with me), was a great idea, as it equalled out the embarrassment three ways, and quite honestly I’m sure they will be only too happy that I’ve put this picture on the internet.

So for your viewing pleasure………..

from left to right: Freddie, Peter & Adam

Seriously, what was I thinking…

Genuinely had a great time over the course of the 3 days though and wanted to take the opportunity to thank Butlins for accommodating us, your staff especially were excellent, very friendly, efficient, and helpful at all times, on what was an extremely busy weekend for them – well done and thank you!

Also a big thank you to for a brilliant weekend, it’s a pleasure to work for such a supportive and successful company, and as I seem to say every year, here’s to many more!

OK butt kissing over I promise! I’ll be back to entertaining you about China on my next blog, I’ve barely scratched the surface of my adventures there, so for now I’ll say thanks for reading, and as always, until next time…




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