Msc Magnifica. More like Msc Magnificent.

I have recently got back from a ship Visit onboard Msc Magnifica and I must admit I was impressed.

I have been on 2 Msc Ships before. One was the Meraviglia and the other was Splendida. I thoroughly enjoyed both these ships. With the Magnifica however I was a bit dubious as this is smaller than the others and I personally prefer the bigger ships. The reason I wanted to try this ship is that it is based in Southampton. I have sold a lot of customers on this ship also so wanted to see it for myself to enable me to sell it properly. For anybody who is interested on going on this ship but are a bit unsure I want to put your mind at rest and say do it and you wont be dissapointed. It is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination however for the prices you pay it is well worth the money. I would go as far as saying it is one of the best overall value cruises that sails out of the uk. I want to talk about the pros and cons of this ship to help you make up your mind.

Food. when I went on Splendida this was the thing that slightly let the ship down. it may have been an off day however the food was quite basic. The Magnifica however was a different story. Normally when you go on a ship visit you get access to a few options from the A la carte menu. On this occasion we had the choice of the A la carte, The buffet or both. As well as an unlimited amount of drink. I opted for the buffet as after the tour I was starving. The food was lovely and plentiful. I went on the ship with my brother who is in the Hospitality industry and he was also very impressed. He naturally has a higher standard than me.

Theatre. This I was very impressed with. Some ships say they have a Theatre but its not like a theatre you would get in the west end. This was was. It was huge. Where this is a mediterranean ship the entertainment onboard will be more visual entertainment like acrobatics as opposed to and english ship where you might get a take that tribute act. I’m not opposed to either.

Top Deck. Again I thought this was great. One criticism here is that they only had one indoor and one outdoor pool. I don’t think this is enough for 3500+ passengers.  I don’t use the pool much myself I prefer a jacuzzi of which there were lots of these.

Cabins. These were an ok size. I have seen both bigger and smaller cabins on ships I have been on previously. We saw a balcony and an inside cabin. They had the usual on suite with shower, tv, Mini bar and beds that can be twin or double. The balcony was fairly small however big enough for a few chair.

For the Kids. There was plenty to do for the kids. There were kids clubs for children up to 17. They had bowling pool table and a sports court with tennis basketball and football.

All in all it was a great experience and I would go with Msc again. They have some great prices going from Southampton and you can add drinks packages on for £23 per person per night which is good for a 4 star ship.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask


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