Wham! and Flaming Bulls

I have just returned from a split weeks holiday, due to so many people off at the moment I couldn’t get the full weeks leave so had to work in between a near weeks holiday. And what a great few days I have had. I spent the week up in the Spanish mountains at my mum’s house in Tolox.

The weekend started with a Karaoke night at our friend’s house in the campo. You had to go as a popstar and whomever you dressed as you had to sing at least one of their songs! We had the Proclaimers, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Johnny Cash, Phil Collins, Cher, ELO, some country and western guy (cannot remember who he was meant to be) and a well known famous 80’s boyband (us) turn up plus some others. I think you might be able to guess who my mum and I went as…

Andrew and George

‘Wake me up before you go go’

It was a great night with great company, food, views and plenty of booze.

The week then carried on with start of the annual Feria de Tolox and what a great 1st night. The madness and lack of health and safety still make me wonder after 15 years how they get away with it and still scares me but it is one of the best nights and so much fun.  The flaming bulls signify the start of Feria and then it is 5 days/nights of music, dancing, food and drink. I actually need another week off to get over it!

The flaming bulls are a couple of men with a fake bull held above them which has Catherine wheels and rockets set alight and then they run through the crowds. I kid you not, you get caught by the sparks or a stray firework they hurt, burn and take the skin off! One of our friends dress set alight and another had a rocket hit him straight in the shin causing a bad burn. But it is all great fun! Mum had the genius idea of taking an umbrella and we sat huddled under this until it was over. Thankfully we live moments from the action, so I was able to run home and grab the sudo cream to help those that had been burnt.

sensible mum and her trusty umbrella

Friday saw the Dia del San Roque the patron Saint of our village and a national bank holiday in Spain. Due to this being the saint of Tolox too, the firecrackers started at 6am in the morning and continued until approx 4pm in the afternoon. There was a special service for the saint and then he was paraded all around the village. They set off firecrackers (meant to be when he leaves the church about 11am) from the minute they wake up and it is a really noisy day and not too good for the animals. I have seen the parade many times and the noise is deafening with the firecrackers and the band playing, so I was happy to stay in and look after the dogs whilst mum nipped round and watched some of the parade. Living in the heart of the village has its benefits but on days like this, it has its disadvantages.

A great night was again had by all and then what better way to soak up the booze but a kebab….. just a shame the kebab man is only in town once a year.

Best way to end a night with a Kebab

With a few more months left of summer here in Spain, hopefully, there is more fun to come.



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