Wearing Shorts but Planning Xmas

So finally it is shorts season in Spain. The decision each morning of which shorts and vest top to wear as the sun beats down on the Costa Del Sol are tough. On my last day off I finally got to go and spend a few hours on the beach, first trip this year where I have laid out trying to get my milky legs brown. High factor on of course and still no change to my typical English complexion, so I will have to pick another sunbed next week and try again.  It is a hard life.

However, even though the sun is shining and it’s the start of summer it’s now time to start planning Xmas, again. Whilst sitting on the beach, my mum and I did actually discuss what to do for Christmas this year. Last year (the first after my dad passing) was a bit strange and we went out for dinner with friends to a local English restaurant. It was a great day but didn’t really feel like Christmas in fairness, not to us anyway. This year we are deciding if we should ask friends round and host a dinner, something we have done a lot of in the past. It will all come down to if we can really be bothered to entertain, but even as the 6-month mark starts approaching we know we need to make a decision soon. If we decide to go out to eat, most decent restaurants that have a great reputation for a cracking Xmas dinner will already have taken bookings and spaces will be limited!

Along with these types of decisions I need to start making, it looks like our annual Christmas conference will be a mini cruise trip to Amsterdam. I have cruised to Amsterdam several times now and I do love this city. Having experienced it in both winter and summer, I am looking forward to returning before Xmas to experience the Christmas Markets and possibly get something a little different to take home (especially if we decide to entertain).

Enjoying the Christmas Market in Bordeaux

I missed out on last years conference due to logistics of getting to and from Bristol with flights from Malaga at awkward times, but with this ship sailing from London, I have several airports to use and friends that live in the local area to stay with if need be for a night or two. So I may end up doing some Christmas shopping at Bluewater or Lakeside too!

There are many options over the month of December for mini cruises from 2 to 5 nights with various cruise lines that offer the Christmas market locations, so if you fancy doing a short trip and want to know more, give me a shout and I will be happy to help.





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