We are not just colleagues, we are a family too…

This week is a very personal blog a difficult one to write too, but it is more a thank you to my friends, family and especially my colleagues.

A couple of blogs back I wrote about a mini cruise I booked for my parents and their 50th wedding anniversary on the Norwegian Spirit from Malaga to Barcelona.

I am pleased to say that my parents loved it and had a wonderful time. The weather stayed good for the sailing at the end of February, although windy the sun shone over them time they was on board the ship. It was also a fantastic opportunity for my parents to get a portrait done by a professional ships photographer as this was a present to themselves that they had discussed they wanted for their 50th anniversary.

Plans was made on board for where they wanted to go next on a cruise and excitement from them both on their return for their new found love of cruising.

Sadly, my father passed away last week after a long battle with cancer. I have comfort in the fact that he was at home and passed naturally in his sleep. A big shock to us all as he had been doing so well with his treatment and over the last few weeks had looked amazing. Here in Spain things move so very quickly with my fathers funeral being just 3 days after his passing. Something I have still not comprehended.

I have a great support system around me, with friends and family whom dropped everything and flew to be with my mum and I in this difficult time.

Here at cruise.co.uk we are not just colleagues but an extended family with close friendships and bonds made and nothing is more evident of this at a time like now.

So I want to say a special thanks to my wonderful work colleagues and my fantastic boss here at cruise.co.uk whom have looked after my clients in my absence and whom have all given me the support and love that is much needed as this time.







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