Virgins gone punk

This weekend saw the press release of the potential uniforms for the crew on board the new Virgin Voyages, the first being the Scarlet Lady which is due to set sail in April 2020.

Unfortunately due to copyright laws, I cannot publish a photo of the said look, but have to say when I first saw them, I thought maybe Jean Paul Gaultier had a hand in the design as the male uniform reminds me very much of his classic ‘le male’ design that you see in his aftershave ads.

Virgin Voyages is all about an adult-only, new generation and feel. With the sleek ships being colourful in design, a tattoo parlour, boxing ring plus 20 eateries onboard and a maximum capacity of 2800 ‘sailors’ the new term for passengers, Mr Branson is definitely changing the world of cruising.

Virgin has brought in cutting edge British designer Gareth Pugh and the look has a punk Esq style about it. Of course, Virgins main colour RED is featured and the footwear is based on red leather sneakers and some images even show a red cape…

The following is from a press release over the weekend:

In the place of formal attire will be a host of surprising touches – from body-con leather straps to some seriously chic red sneakers designed by PLAE.  The uniforms feature some traditional nautical touches but will be a far cry from the attire cruise passengers have been used to. Designer Pugh says:  “We were really allowed to push the boundaries, and to redefine the idea of what constitutes a uniform. We wanted to make everything about it modern, luxurious and desirable — to allow the entire crew to look and feel like a million dollars.”

If you haven’t seen the images yet, please do have a look online and let me know what you think. I kind of like it and I like the fact that Virgin is yet again always thinking outside the box.

I am really excited to see what Richard and Virgin do next and going to have to save the pennies to go and experience his ships because they look and sound to be like no other cruise experience I have had before.



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