Holiday time

Hola from a very hot Spain. The weather here has been extremely hot with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees.  Not the most comfortable weather to be working in but with the sea breeze and plenty of fans around me I have survived (I have aircon but am not a fan so leave this off). Now, however, is my 1st full week off of the summer, the next one being in August.

My best friend (who is a teacher) finishes school today and will be flying over on Sunday to spend 8 nights with me.  We both plan on having a chilled week to completely relax, with alternate days at the beach and around the pool at my apartment. The fridge will be stocked with drinks and food and the evenings spent on my terrace taking in the views and catching up. I have only seen her once in the last year and that was for just a few hours in the company of other friends, so we have lots to catch up on.

I am looking forward to just completely unwinding and finally trying to get my legs some much-needed colour! This will be my full chill week and I do not plan on driving or doing much, I am fortunate to have everything I need on my doorstep, with the beach just being a 10-minute walk from my home.

The next time I have a week off will be in August, but this will be so different. I will be spending the week with my mum at her home as we have 4 nights and 5 days of our village Feria to enjoy. There is no way you can sleep during this time as they party from noon till noon! It is such a great week with lots of live entertainment and a celebration of summer.  The daytime will be in the bottom square, just below our house where they have a local band playing, a temporary bar and lots of fun. They usually have a huge water fight, water slide and foam party during the days. Then the evenings will be in the top square (just behind our house) where they bring in groups and singers from across Spain to, put on shows and party the night away.

So whatever you are doing this summer holidays have fun and keep safe.



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