106 days to spare?

I have just completed a booking for a very lovely gentleman for a 17 day Eastern Mediterranean cruise on the P&O Arcadia for the early part of the summer 2014.  During our conversation he informed me that he was already booked on to the same ship for her next round the world voyage leaving Southampton in January 2015 for 106 nights.  This got me to thinking of the benefits of staying at sea for so long.


Although the initial outlay may seem expensive, when you actually break down the fare you are looking at an average cost of £95 per person per night, this is based on 2 adults sharing an inside cabin. When you look at the breakdown that fare is including all your food (you can eat almost 24 hours a day if you wanted to), daytime and evening activities and entertainment. Plus the fact that you are staying in a 4/5*  based accommodation. So really that isn’t a bad deal. Especially when you think that for possibly the worse months of the year you are going to be waking up most mornings in not  only a different city or country but also a much warmer climate.


You also have to consider that during this time, you have not got to worry about the escalating heating bills at home during the winter or being stuck indoors when the snow arrives and it is impossible to go anywhere.  Scrapping the car windscreen and warming the engine before you can pop to the supermarket to think about what to cook for dinner that night.  Mmmm.. the idea of a world cruise is sounding more and more appealing, so it’s no wonder that there is a high percentage of repeat passengers on a world cruise.


Considering the amount of cruise ships there are now floating in the many oceans and seas in this day and age, there are still really only a handful in comparison that offer world cruises. They have also been doing it for years and offer great itineraries and include new ports of call each year.


Can’t afford to be away for 106 days, there are other ways… I have booked sectors on world cruises previously for clients that want to do a portion but do not have the time to complete a full world cruise.  I love the idea that if you do not have the time to be at sea for the full duration, there are certain points across the world that you can embark and disembark the ship. So if you want you can pick the best part of the world cruise and have a few weeks on-board without missing out.

It’s certainly worth thinking about, whether you have 106 days to spare or not, a world cruise is a great opportunity to see the world.  Call me to find out more on the 2015 offers now on sale and you could also receive a generous on-board credit.

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