Where do you think I am going?

Jungle formula mosquito spray, high factor suntan lotion and waterproof ziploc bags!!

Where could I be off to?

Jungle formula mosquito spray – somewhere tropical!

High factor sun tan lotion – somewhere hot!

Waterproof ziploc bags – somewhere rainy!

Can only mean one thing ………. Costa Rica here I come!

I have been lucky (along with three of my colleagues) to be chosen for a familiarisation tour to Costa Rica and before anyone says free holiday let me assure you that it is not.

From the moment we arrive in San Jose airport I will be expected to take notes of everything from how far from immigration to the exit is to what taxi do you get at the airport. I will need to take detailed notes on all the transfers, hotels and activities that we partake in over the 8 days so I can feed this back to senior Management and my fellow Sales Consultants upon my return.

I will have to blog, update social media and do live videos (wifi permitting) on my work facebook page and to my colleagues and I will have to become the expert on Costa Rica.

Some highlights that I am looking forward to include:

  • San jose City Tour
  • Night tour to see turtles hatching or at least to see turtles
  • Arenal Volcano
  • Baldi Hot Springs
  • Spotting sloths and toucans
  • Boat ride down the Rio Frio
  • Hanging bridge through the Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • Night walking tours
  • Sunset Catamaran cruise

However as my husband keeps pointing out I am not looking forward to seeing snakes and spiders but hopefully they will stay away.

So if you want to see what I am up to follow my facebook page by clicking on the link next to this blog.

If you have any specific questions or anything you want me to find out about Costa Rica then comment below.

I will be departing the UK on the 17th May and will return on the 27th May 2019.






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