What do Sharks, Penguins, Elephants and a Cruise Specialist from Morecambe have in common?

The answer: For 10 days in June we will all be in the same country and I for one cannot wait although not sure if the animals concerned are excited as me!

My favourite animal in the world

Having been a Cruise Specialist for over 17 years now I sometimes have the most enviable job in the world and that is the job of travelling to new countries and enjoying new experiences.

This time it’s South Africa.

Last year a colleague asked me if I wanted to go with her to Manchester to a South African Tourist Board day and to be honest my initial response was no as it was my day off. She thankfully managed to persuade me to go and upon arrival we were subjected to a speed dating system with 9 representatives of each of the 9 provinces within South Africa.

We also managed to consume a lovely South African style lunch along with a glass of wine. After the last session there was a quiz with four questions from each province representative.

On safari

Prize winners were announced: In third place a case of South African wine, in second place a night away at a hotel owned by a pair of South Africans near London and finally first place was a ten night all expenses paid trip to South Africa and the winner is? MOLLY MCINTYRE!

I was so surprised that I had won that I remained seated for several minutes.

Second favourite – Penguins

So here I am T minus 4 sleeps and raring to go. All I know is that I fly from Heathrow on Sunday 10th June at 9.30pm and return on Thursday 21st June at 5.30am. Our itinerary is being kept as a surprise for when we arrive at the airport, but I do know we will be doing a Bush Safari which I am really excited about.

I also hope that I manage to see Cape Town and Robben Island but after listening to all the different regions i do not think ten days will be enough.

Cable car to Table Mountain

There may be a chance we also have the opportunity to do this and in honesty I am not sure whether I would be brave enough to get in a cage plus I can’t swim and do not like water!

Shark cage diving

I will try and do some live updates as and when I can but if not I will be writing a blog about my experience once I get back.

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