Unruly teenagers spoiled my cruise!!

As part of my job I always do a Welcome Home call with my clients to check that everything ran smoothly and recently I had several comments on why some of my clients felt their cruise had been ruined!

Now as a mother of four children, three boys and a girl, I am used to living in a mad house where the only way to be heard is to shout, and everyday I run the gauntlet as disagreements dissolve into fisticuffs with me in the middle separating them. Although as they are getting older it’s just the youngest two boys that are guilty of this now.

What I accept in the comfort of my own home is different to what I expect on holiday and that’s why when I recently spoke to one of my clients I was disgusted to hear that her cruise had been ruined by hordes of teenagers seemingly running amok. Now I would normally take things like this with a pinch of salt however I did five Welcome Home calls to people who had been on the same ship of which two were families who all said the same.

Apparently there was a large family group on board whose parents decided that once on the ship that this relinquished them of all parental responsibility. This then gave free rein to over 20 teenagers ranging from 12 -15 to run riot. They decided that there were no rules so were jumping in pools, hogging the jacuzzis and riding up and down in the lifts and playing knock a door run.

Whilst I understand that these are children playing, what I have to do is compare their behaviour with my own children, who are told that when they go on board that the minute they disrupt someone’s holiday they will have their limited freedom taken away and will have to remain at my side for the duration of the cruise.

In an ideal world the parents should be responsible for their children as they would be the first to try and sue the cruiseline if one of them was injured however in this instance I believe the adults were as bad as the children. If this is the case then it is down to the crew to police the actions of those involved but unfortunately crew members like Pool Attendants and Cleaning Staff who would be witnessing the jumping in pools and riding lifts are scared of doing this in case the parents complain about them.

However I am pleased to say in this instance that common sense and a sense of justice prevailed as local police and security officers from the ship were given  permission by the Senior Officers and Captain to disembark the unruly group in the next port that they docked in. By all accounts the group of 52 were very sombre as they were escorted off the ship and left on the dock side to organise their own arrangements.

Do you think the Captain made the right choice?

Do you think they should have been given assistance to get home?

Have you ever experienced this?

81 Comments on “Unruly teenagers spoiled my cruise!!

  1. The Captain was absolutely correct in disembarking the 52. Passengers Well done! to him we don’t go cruises and expect that sort of behaviour on any cruise line! Glad I was not on that cruise.

    • Yep, they won’t go on another cruise with a bit of luck. Direct them to Benidorm.

      • Why should they be sent to Benidorm, what has Benidorm done to deserve them. Dave H.

      • Even Benidorm wont tolerate this Captains should and need to do this and not just children as some adults behaviour is terrible

      • You must respect your passengers on board some of them it’s their 1st cruise& willhave saved hard to go so we need order so our customers enjoy it & come back again. So in turn company get a name,,Not ship 4 yobbo families. Yes you did the right the people wont tolerate such things having there hols ruined.
        And no they shouldn’t have there on ward travel organize or paid for let that be a lesson to them & hope the couples would be compensated in a way that they would cruise with you again 🥂🍾

      • I agree , I’ve been on twenty cruises ,and only had that once happen to us ,on Britannia , they were taken of the ship ,and we all cheered , I love PO they do not have any messing ,which is why we keep with them

    • The Captain was within his rights to do this some people don’t have a lot and it has taken them a long time to save for these holidays not to have it spoil by unruly children and especially parents that don’t give a dam the Captain should always have the last word no doubt about it

    • Cannot agree with you more!
      The behaviour of some of cruisers and their standards are disgusting and just shows total disrespect to other cruise guests.
      The cruise lines need to take a strong stance on these matters to stop all this bad behaviour on cruise ships

    • Yes if they’ve had the opportunity to calm down after being chastised then they must leave as urs dangerous at sea to start a row also other passengers have paid lots money to enjoy.
      Well done!

    • Yes I think the captain did the right thing. People save hard to get a cruise holiday why should it be spoiled with this kind of bad behaviour. Well done to the captain.

    • I was on the Ventura a few years ago. I also experienced teenagers behaving badly and it completely spoiled my cruise so much I have not sailed with P+O since. Foul mouthed, taking over the pool, towels on sunbeds all day with nobody using them, shoplifting rowdiness and parents nowhere to be seen.
      Parents nowhere to be seen

  2. Yes on a cruise it’s Royal Caribbean, but it was not only children, most Chinese decided that spitting everywhere was ok, it was absolutely disgusting, Chinese children without adult supervision played for hours in the only adult area that was available for a bit of peace and quiet , never again would I cruise with Royal Caribbean, especially from Hong Kong and China.

    • Ive done that one and never had a problem except for the Chinese pushing and shoving. However went on European cruise on Independence last year when world cup was on and fight started between Scots and English and they got thrown off. It was handled well and we weren’t caused too much disruption.

    • The Captain was within his rights to do this some people don’t have a lot and it has taken them a long time to save for these holidays not to have it spoil by unruly children and especially parents that don’t give a dam the Captain should always have the last word no doubt about it and the Chinese are terrible for spitting anywhere they choose horrible

    • We went on a royal Caribbean in September 18 and people were getting put of the ship at every port of call.
      I personally think it’s the drinks packages has spoilt some ships, think it’s about time they looked into this.
      We sent 3 emails last year to rcl complaining with no joy won’t be using rcl again.

    • I’m afraid this happens everywhere. Coughing up stuff with no hand over their mouths at close proximity to food and other passengers. Spitting on the floor wherever they may be Pushing in front of everyone. No respect given to those who are older or unsteady on their feet. Not sure if these are cultural things but are quite irritating none the less Happened on the last cruise I went on and haven’t been on one since. Put me off completely. Such a shame as I loved cruising

    • Dear Monika Morgan, I am a Singaporean Chinese and I feel very sorry that in one brush stroke you have painted most Chinese as disgusting! I am not angry with you but feel that it is a pity that the world still has so much bias and lack of compassion. The only sin the great majority of Chinese has commited is being poor. However, they are quickly rising in their standard of living and some of these habits associated with living in poor conditions will be left behind eventually, just like any other race or community. I sincerely hope that you will reflect on your thoughts and bring happiness to yourself and fellow human beings. To quote President Macron: “There is no planet B”. So let us live in peace and understanding for the sake of our planet.

  3. Absolutely! As an ex teacher, I know only too well how many parents abdicate responsibility for there offspring; unfortunately for schools, we cannot ‘disembark’ unruly children, more’s the pity! Cruising is a wonderful way to relax and any passenger, either child or adult, should not be permitted to ruin it for others. Well done to the captain for his swift and effective actions; perhaps this will give the guilty parents cause for thought!

  4. Absolutely agree that they were turfed off the ship. And left to their own devices.
    Too often the majority have to suffer for the minority. It’s about time someone took a stand instead of being cowed by these hooligans. Well done Captain 👍

  5. Yes the captain was right in making them get off
    As for staff members, they should be able to do something. We cruise every year and kids/teenagers running round the deck time and time again and I have never seen anyone say a word to them to stop. In my option there should be more adult only cruises!

  6. Absolutely the right thing to do. A stand has to be taken against a growing number of people who are prepared to ignore and disrespect the rights of others. Action like this, if taken more consistently on cruise-ships, aircraft and other public venues, would result in a speedy end to this sort of problem. No-one would wish to spoil people’s enjoyment, especially on holiday, but there is a huge difference between having fun and engaging in the kind of yobbish, disruptive behaviour that spoils the enjoyment of others.

  7. when I complained about children running amok, I was told that it was a ‘multigeneration cruise’ an d that I should get on with it!! Never again in school holiday!!

  8. I would go a step further and create a black list which would be shares by all cruise lines preventing any further cruising.

  9. He absolutely made the right decision. Perhaps they will think carefully in future before ruining everybody else’s holiday.

  10. Absolutely right thing to do …. turf them off. Sadly not just a cruise issue – happening everywhere. Well done Captain. We had considered a cruise in Med but given school holidays thought better of it. Also YES up to them to make own way home!!!!

  11. We try our best to avoid the school holidays so we have only come across this a few times. Kids of a certain age get bored on a ship and not sure a cruise more than a few days is ideal for them. To be honest I’ve witnessed far worse from adults who seem hell bent on drinking as much alcohol as they can from the moment they embark. The Captain did the right thing.

  12. Recently back from a cruise that fell in the first 2 weeks of school holidays, never again. Couldn’t get near a pool and teenagers running up and down corridors like a herd of elephants. They took great pleasure in going up and down the cabins and taking the breakfast orders off the doors and changing make up/I’m resting signs. The last night they formed ‘gangs’ and ran amok. The parents thought it was funny! Not impressed.

  13. yes get em off the ship .. people and parents need a short sharp lesson, hit them in the pocket and hopefully next time they will give their kids a slap before things get out of hand. parents basically dont give a toss about their in society today and i say well done captain and i hope it took a week to get home and cost a fortune.. yeeeeehah

  14. There’s a difference between children having fun and this. Often we disregard comments because frankly many people are intolerant and shouldn’t cruise in school holidays. This however is completely different. Good on the Captain!

  15. When certain ships became predominantly for kids we decided never to travel on those ships again, after experiencing terrible parenting and unruly children throwing food around, and nowhere on the ship to get away from them,there wasn’t even a bar where they weren’t allowed. adult only from now on or land holidays.

  16. I completely agree with the decision. I have just been on first cruise which was on the Celebrity Silhouette, there were 5-6 children who were poorly behaved throughout the entire cruise. These weren’t even teenagers, they were approximately 9 to 11 years of age running amok and I never saw their parents. Apparently they were even caught in the buffet stock room trying to steal alcohol! I believe they caused great distress to passengers and crew.

  17. I wouldnt have waited for the next port. Let the pond life go old school and let all52 walk the plank

  18. Notices should be on board that children should be supervised at all times unless in the children’s clubs.

  19. I am so glad that the ships officers had some sense. I certainly would never use a cruise line again who allowed fellow passengers to have their holiday ruined in such a way.
    I can never understand parents who allow such behaviour from their children.
    I am so glad for adult cruises there a god send.
    Good on the Captain and other Officers.

  20. Not just cruises I was in a flight to Gibraltar recently we had to divert and land at Bordeaux to offload 2 drunk and aggressive passengers the captain said Easy Jet has zero tolerance to that sort of behaviour Everyone on the plane applauded his swift action If people can’t behave themselves and be respectful then of course they should be thrown off the ship and never allowed back on the cruise line

  21. I had this situation previously however after a word with them outside my cabin they either moved deck or stopped 😁. There’s cctv everywhere so they were smart off to leave as i suggested. Not putting up with that on me hard earned vacation. The parents were a disgrace also, blind drunk and spilling drink off tables in the bar ( other guests drinks) and howling over the entertainer. The crew did take action and next time I saw them in a bar they seemed to be alcohol free so I assume they were dealt with.

  22. The Captain was right to remove them. It should happen more often. We have cruised with our grandchildren and they are on best behaviour. We don’t see them in the children’s zones but good behaviour is expected or privileges are lost.
    We consider the Drinks packages to be the problem. 7 fizzy drinks a day to use up your Soda payment and then have more to get your moneys worth. ALL THAT SUGAR. BUT..it’s not only the children. The adults are sitting with alcoholic drinks when we come back from breakfast and this type of adult will also buy alcoholic drinks for their older teenagers who usually drink alcohol with them at home because they can drink in UK at 18.
    To get value from the alcohol package you would need to drink 8-9 drinks a day.
    SO…Don’t include them.
    Stop them.
    We pay for our drinks as we go, we drink as much as we want and still save money compared with the alcohol package.

  23. I definitely think the Captain did the right thing and they definitely should not have assistance with getting home they caused the problem accept the responsibility. We had one cruise partially ruined by kids same thing once on board let the kids do as they look as long as the parents are swilling the booze down. This cruise was originally advertised as adults only but it was changed I think the company had numerous complaints. Never again

  24. We have been on cruises before where unruly passengers have been thrown off. We cruise regularly and usually avoid school holidays if possible. However it is nice to have a mix of age groups on board. Cruise lines should do more to advise familys on acceptable behavior and should ensure that staff do police these issues. The staff should feel comfortable that the cruise line will support them if any yobs complain about it. This also applies to sun bed squatters.

  25. Absolutely the right decision by the Captain as health and safety of all was compromised which on a ship is very serious for staff and passengers.

    Definitely should not have been given assistance to get home.

    We booked on a cruise that was advertised as adult only!

    Even this did not work as when we got there the cruise had been opened up to families, again they had no regard for rules and failed to see the reasons why the boundaries were there. Children taking over the ship, jumping in the pools and shouting. Disturbing passengers at night with knocking on doors and running up and down corridoors and playing in the lifts and generally being a pain to staff and other passengers alike. Parents usually drinking and partying with no concern for their offspring. Staff knocked over when delivering food and drink and also elderly passengers getting knocked into and no apology or correction from parents who were too busy chatting and drinking at the bar. This was midnight when we witnessed this behaviour, and we suggested to the bar staff that the bar at the top of the ship should be made into adults only. Obviously the parents complained as they felt it was their right to let their offspring run riot on the ship with no regard to other passengers. Staff trying their best to control them with no luck. A ship is not quite the same as a holiday on land as it is without a doubt a dangerous place for children with careful supervision required by parents. Some people do not have the luxury of choosing when they take a holiday due to work commitments.
    It is difficult and unfair to blame the children when ultimately it is the parents who are at fault for lack of supervision, control and making sure that their offspring respect the rules of the ship. This being said we have enjoyed some good cruises with young people but usually they have parents who have set the ground rules and take them to task if they are not behaving in a correct manner. Everyone has the right to feel safe and enjoy their holiday which means thinking of others.

  26. This is not new we went on an MSC
    cruise several years ago and it was wrecked by Italian children running everywhere.,barging in, spitting across the pool and running up and down stairs in the theatre playing tag when the shows were on and throwing bread in the restaurants

  27. That’s one reason now I am older I only go on adult only cruises or holidays
    I love my grandchildren but they do like to be active so I think a land based holidays is best
    Sadly some cruise ships are now made to attract families with all sorts of things to do
    That’s ok but not for me
    It’s why I like Saga or the adult only P and O ships
    Cunard isn’t too bad either as the children tend to be well behaved on there

  28. Re comment from Chris not everyone enjoys cruising so why should those who choose to go to Benidorm have to put up with these little yobs. Suspect you are showing a touch of snobbery.

  29. I think I might have been on this particular cruise otherwise something very similar happened to us. We were told it was 47 people chucked off due to their unruly teenagers. They were a nightmare and you felt quite intimated by them (as there were so many). The captain definitely made the right choice.

  30. The Captain was correct, how could anyone spoil other peoples holidays. They should be banned and also fined.

  31. I recently returned from a Royal Caribbean cruise,had the same problem groups of teenagers hogging the pool and jacuzzi, I had to remove our grandchildren from the pool due to the disgusting language they were using to each other, I asked the pool attendant to speak to them and he said he had asked them to stop he couldn’t do any more. I agree that its the parents responsibility, but think the ships officers should do more to control the situation, I won’t travel with this line again.

  32. I have been on a Royal Caribbean Cruise where a family were put off on a Greek Island as their teenage children were running amok after 11pm, parents were given a warning, behaviour continued so off they went.
    This was a few years ago so I am glad they continue with this policy.

  33. YES , NO and no good result by all 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  34. I would like to go on a cruise when this captain is in charge. Yes of course he did the right thing, parents should keep control of their children, they think they are the only ones on holiday and do not respect other people.
    We have been on cruises with other people’s spoilt children, they jump in the pool and hog the jacuzzi even small children who should not be in the hot tubs. Good for you captain let us hope we do not meet a family like this when we are cruising.

  35. Captain was absolutely correct to disembark these people.
    I have never experienced this behaviour on a cruise but I have had to report a passenger for smoking on his balcony just after we had attended the pre sail safety talk. He was spoken to and warned of his future behaviour. A few days later he was at it again and then he had a very loud arguament with his wife. He was removed from his cabin by senior officers. His wife then proceeded to play loud music in her cabin in the early hours of the morning. She was eventually warned obout her behaviour. Both of these people were removed from the ship the next day.

  36. Well done captain for throwing them all off, I would throw a few more off as well particularly those who save sun beds for lots of people

  37. well I hope P&O are going to hear about these people being turfed off . We have been put off this year by the reports of drunken brawls . Over 20 yrs of cruising with P&O now & we’ve noticed this sad decline in the last few years. Why do companies assume we want the holiday camp attitude with everything . The idea of ‘pile em high & sell em cheap’ is in my eyes bringing their standards down .

  38. It is an act of common sense that’s needed when cruise ship companies and marketing personnel are looking towards repeat business on their multi million pound investments of plush ships. If they look at their main market and realize the majority of passengers are the middle aged and elderly on most of the ships without climbing walls and tube slides on the main deck then disruptive kids and any unruly person is definitely not the kind of passengers who is needed and could destroy all the hard work and investment that’s gone towards a ship with a fantastic image that people on a holiday want to return back to at a later date. Good rules are made to obey and not have one set for some people and another set for others.

  39. Give that Captain a gold star. How refreshing to know that disrespect and rowdiness won’t be tolerated. All passengers are on holiday and they as well as the crew shouldn’t have to tolerate such dreadful behaviour. Parents should be held accountable even if they they choose to abstain from their responsibilities.

  40. I disagree, it has to be remembered that it is their cruise just as much as it ours, irrespective of how disruptive they seem to be. I my opinion people need to remember it is not their ship and they are guests while on it. And it is the responsibility of the crew to ensure peoples health and safety while they are aboard. In this case it is the crew who should have informed the adults not only of their disruptive behaviour but also the safety of the other passengers that were being put at risk, and any further intolerable behaviour on their part will see them removed from the ship. This does two things; it enforces the authority the crew has on the passengers, and it lets the people know that any further misbehaving will not be tolerated. In other words give people a chance to mend their ways before they are kicked off.

  41. My wife and I experienced a similar incident on our first cruise.Again families and their children.First off these 2 families dominated the pool side sun loungers for the whole fortnight from 6.30-7 am every day,their children,mostly boys, then dominated the pool by shouting screaming,diving and “bombing”.Towards the end of the cruise we had a local school choir come aboard to entertain the guests.The stage was immediately above the pool but rather than close it for the hour or so the choir was on,these boys then tried to drown the choir out and were deliberately attempting to splash the choir as they sang.Entertainment ruined! And what did the parents or members of the crew do?Absolutely nothing.

  42. Yes the captain did the right thing.
    No they should be given any assistance to get home.
    On an aircraft if the plane diverts due to the bad behaviour those involved are escorted off by police, they may be prosecuted for endangering the aircraft and may get a bill for the airlines costs involved in the diversion.

    I am aware of passengers being removed from a P&O ship at the next port (it was done very discretely).

  43. For myself – I think the captain was correct in disembarking the unruly families and no, no assistance should have been given by the cruise line Perhaps by the travel agency – but thats a different story.
    There is having fun and there is running riot. Certainly playing knock and run on cabin doors is NOT having fun. Jumping in pools – provided not at other users can be put down to fun, hogging jacuzzi’s and rising the lifts is debatable.
    I agree with the comments above – on holiday the rules might be relaxed but there should still be rules and if the parents won’t enforce them the crew must – for safety if no other reason. And if the family object to the crew enforcing rules then the next dockside is an obvious punishment

  44. Many years ago, in the Merchant Navy, the Captains of Merchant Ships had an absolute right to put a member of his Crew guilty of a disciplinary offence ashore wherever in the World the Ship happened to be and abandon him there. Saw it happen once in Cornwall to an Irish Crew member and I don’t know to this day how or if he got home. So, perhaps, a few warning notices should be posted on Board and Passengers couldn’t then say they hadn’t been warned. I have no vested interest as I don’t cruise but would like to if I was a bit wealthier!

  45. Absolutely correct action by the cruise line. Standards of etiquette, behaviour and dress codes have deteriorated considerably in recent years and a line has to be drawn.
    The point about dress codes is significant; if passengers know before booking that they required to conform and that dress codes will be enforced; these imbeciles won’t want to book. Hallelujah!

  46. We have found that the shorter cruises up to two weeks are always full of children. Many of which are left to run around causing mayhem. I have alerted staff to kids bombing into the pools and even younger children with no adults supervision while in the pools and spas. The staff usually come for a while then disappear and the kids come back! We try to do long cruises now during school terms and avoid school holiday times. This seems to be working as not encountered many children on board during our last three cruises.

  47. Absolutely right that they were “turfed off”, this should be the norm for all holiday companies and not just cruises. Like Sue Gilbert, i also complained and was told “what do you expect on a multi generational cruise”. I would expect children to have fun but not expect parents to abdicate their parental responsibilities and let their children run amok, one example being the parents go ashore while leaving their offspring to run riot on the ship.

  48. Definitely!!! I wait all year for my relaxing cruise holiday and would not expect it to be ruined by disgraceful behaviour from anyone.

    Good decision by the Captain/cruise line.

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