Travel firm TUI are in a “sticky” situation!

The world has gone mad!

Travel firm TUI have been in trouble this week for handing out sexist stickers – I kid you not!

They have been accused of sexism after passengers complained they handed out “future captain” stickers to boys and “cabin crew” badges to girls during flights.

As a mum of four children, three boys and a girl, quite honestly, I would not have cared less which sticker my child was given I would have just been appreciative of the kind gesture which is what it was meant to be.

We are now all scared of gender stereotyping and sexism that I believe we have gone backwards.

When did a manhole become a utility hole – it’s a manhole!

Apparently, you cannot say man-made anymore – it must be artificial or synthetic. What about man power – this is now labour force!

It is getting to a point where we daren’t speak to each other in case of offending.

My 11-year-old told me off the other day for calling someone coloured instead of black when I was describing one of the guides I had recently had in South Africa. When I was at school if you called someone black it was racist but now it’s okay.

We were at the dentists recently and after the treatment our lovely dentist asked if my 11 and 14-year-old sons were too old for a sticker. When they said no she showed them the box and they went to choose, and my 14-year-old chose an Incredibles Super Hero, but my 11-year-old decided he liked the colours on the Disney Princess sticker, so he chose that.

Maybe TUI should have allowed the kids to choose their own stickers and this is where they went wrong, but I think people need to get off their high horse and stop trying to make thinks seem more than they are.

Equality is another thing that irritates me at times. I was out shopping last week and had my hands full and a young man stepped forward to open a door for me for which I thanked him profusely but then a young woman was in the same predicament and he went to open the door again for her and she literally bit his hand off declaring she was not some weak female.

Sometimes isn’t it just nice to be nice!!



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