Top 20 Cruising Hacks from a Cruise Expert

Here are my top 20 cruise hacks. If you have any please feel free to add in comments and I will add them on to my list for you.

1 – If you have a drinks package take a bottle of water back to your cabin every night then you have some to take ashore.

2 – Take a swimming costume on with you in your hand luggage as sometimes you may not get access to your cabin till at least 5.30pm.

3 – Take your own tea bags especially if on an American ship so you can always have a decent cuppa.

4 – If you have kids take a bottle of cordial to use in the cabin so you will always have juice available without leaving the cabin.

5 – Some cruise liners will allow you to take 2 bottles of wine on board so take advantage of this.

6 – Book early to get the best deals then do not look at the price again.

7 – Use the WiFi ashore as most cruise terminals offer it free.

8 – Attend the art auctions to get FREE champagne.

9 – Book spa treatments on a port day as lower in price.

10- Take some heavy duty metal hooks – cabin walls are metal and you can hang things off them. I have some that can take 40lbs.

11 – Take a highlighter so you can highlight things you want to do in the Daily Newsletter.

12 – Take some big pegs for your beach towels to secure on sun beds.

13 – Zip lock bags are also great for toiletries or to take snacks ashore from the buffet.

14 – Book your own excursions but make sure that you are back in time for sailing as the ship will not wait for you.

15 – Avoid the cruise ships ATM fees by going to the casino and inserting your card in the slots and requesting the amount of cash you want then press cash out button and take to cashier and claim your money!

16 – Take a photo of the Daily Newsletter each day so that when you take photos you will be able to relate it to where you where that day as I always forget!

17 – Battery operated tea lights are great as mini night lights if you do not want to leave the bathroom light on but make sure you get the ones that don’t flicker.

18 – When on a shore excursion take a photo of the registration number of your tour bus so when you come back to it you can find it as often there are more than 10 buses waiting.

19 – Keep a photo of your passports on your phones.

20 – Finally if in Alaska on a bear watching tour make sure you stay close to the Tour Guide or at least to someone you can outrun!

Let me know if you have any more suggestions to add to my 20?






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2 Comments on “Top 20 Cruising Hacks from a Cruise Expert

  1. Im very surprised that you recommend taking food from the buffet to take ashore. This would be frowned on on many cruise lines. Plus who wants to carry food around in searing temperatures!

  2. It’s an old one but : take one of those hanging fabric/plastic shoe organisers and hang it on the back of your bathroom door to house your toiletries, medication etc.

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