Things to do before I die! Including beans and sharks!

A morbid thought I know, however as I have started the countdown to half a century (can’t bear to mention the actual number!) I have started a Bucket List. As defined in the English Oxford Dictionary: bucket list noun informal

  1. a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

“making this trip is the first thing on my bucket list” I have started to make a list and as I achieve them I have been ticking them off. Some of the things may be unachievable such as making my first million, but a girl must dream. Also snogging Hugh Jackman or Tom Hardy may be difficult to achieve and lookalikes are out of the question, but you just never know. Hugh or Tom may see my blog one day (fingers, legs and eyes crossed) and decided to grant me my wish. I have already ticked off a few things such as dancing in the rain and jumping in puddles although the latter did annoy the other school mums who would not let their children join in. I have also swum with dolphins (albeit with a lifejacket on – see further down) and been charged by a Bull Elephant which was not on my Bucket List but nearly made me meet my maker sooner rather than later. I have flown in a helicopter over the Amazon and been Cayman hunting at night and I survived a cyclone. Some of the things that I have not ticked off yet include:

  • sitting in a bath of baked beans! (don’t ask)
  • learning to swim
  • running a marathon
  • riding a horse on the beach
  • driving a hovercraft
  • going on a Segway
  • taking an alpaca for a walk
  • feeding giraffes
  • going shark cage diving
  • going on a zip wire
  • becoming a Granny (oldest is only 20 so plenty of time)
  • writing a book
  • singing in a choir
  • appearing on stage
  • getting arrested (sorry wrong list that should be in my ticked items)
  • getting a tattoo of butterflies on my wrist to represent my two aunts that passed away
  • doing a stand-up session in a comedy club

And then there’s the items that involve travel that should be on everyone’s Bucket list. These are my top four choices and if they are on your list then click on the links near each one to see how you can tick it off your list: Machu Picchu, Peru Built by the Incas at 7970 feet above sea level this is high up (literally) on my list of things to do. Gone are the days of long treks to the top as now you can get a train and bus however I want to do it the old-fashioned way and hike! Click here for your chance to tick this off: The Lost City Of Machu Picchu With Ecuador And The Panama Canal Mendenhall Glacier National Park, Juneau, Alaska I can tick this one off my Bucket List as not only have I been here, but I also did a helicopter ride that landed on the Glacier. Well worth it to see this at close quarters. Click here for your chance to tick this off: Wilderness Encounters with Denali wilderness Lodges & Hubbard Glacier Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Now it does not necessarily have to be this volcano, but I want to see a volcano and this one is the worlds most active. It has also increased the size of the Island by 787 feet since 2013. Click here for your chance to tick this off: Ultimate Paradise Islands of Bora Bora, Tahiti & Moorea with The Hawaiian Islands & The Great Barrier Reef Rio De Janeiro, Brazil I am also lucky enough to tick off this one as I cruised there in 1992. I stood at the feet of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado and lid on the beach at Copacabana and experienced a Churrascaria for the first time. In modern restaurants rodizio service is typically offered. Passadores (meat waiters) come to the table with knives and a skewer, on which are speared various kinds of meat, be it beef, pork, filet mignon, lamb, chicken, duck, ham (with pineapple), sausage, fish, or any other sort of local cut of meat. The meat is sliced on to your plate and they don’t stop until you turn over a counter from green to red. Click here for your chance to tick this off: Iguassu Falls, Copacabana Beach With Glaciers & Fjords of South America Have you started a Bucket List – if not start one now as its great adding things on and ticking them off as you do them. If any of them are travel related give me a call and will see how I can help.



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