The worst organised travellers are…………….?????

Can you guess who the worst organised travellers are?

Well I will give you a clue one of them has written this blog!

Yes the answer is Travel Agents!

I obviously cannot speak for all agents but I can categorically say that although I organise hundreds and thousands of cruises for my clients I am not good at organising myself.

I am due to leave on Thursday for Southampton for an 11 night cruise sailing on Explorer of the Seas for 11 nights to the Canaries and not only have I not packed for myself, I also have not packed for my husband or two children.

Literally every surface in the house is covered in clothes or toiletries.

I have not even checked in online yet and I am praying that all the passports are in date.

Luckily I have annual travel insurance so I should be okay as long as it is still in date.

It is an organised chaos though as I know exactly what I have to do and where everything is.

The kids being on half term doesn’t help either as they keep wearing clothes that are supposed to be going in the suitcases.

They then thought it would be funny to put their Guinea Pigs on top of some clothes in one of the suitcases to take with them and by the time I had realised there were several Guinea Pig poops in the case so I had to wash the clothes again and decontaminate the inside of the case whilst the boys were laughing at my irate face!

Then comes the rigmarole of medicines! My husband is epileptic and reckoned he had enough of his medication to last but no he only had enough for 10 days and we are away for 11 plus he will need some when we get back so I had to dash to the pharmacy.

Finally I was supposed to finish today, Tuesday 22nd at 9pm, however I have bookings to do tomorrow and Thursday for my regulars so will need to log in and get them sorted and I forgot i had a blog due so here it is … the rantings of an unorganised Travel Agent.

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