Sun, Sea, Sex and Swinging at Sea!

Let me tell you that trying to find an image that was appropriate and would not get me banned from blogging for life was very hard, but I think I am okay with this one!!

I recently came across an article on line about the growing popularity of” Swinging at Sea” and thought my family and I would enjoy this because we love zip lining and aerial ropes such as the Go Ape franchises in the Lake District. I have just booked for half term with them and seeing this article made me think how great it would be swinging above the decks on a cruise with my kids.

If like me, you are a bit naïve you may be in for a shock as I discovered that “Swinging” is not all about zip lining and aerial ropes (although ropes can come in handy) and that in fact it is a lifestyle that some people belong to.

I decided I would look at what the definition of a swinger was, and this is what I found:


a lively and fashionable person who goes to a lot of social events.

“one of the oldest swingers in town”


a person who engages in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners.

“a twilight world of swingers and wife-swapping”

If I go by definition 1 then yes that could be me, but have you seen what definition 2 is?

As I delved into the world of swinging I discovered there are specialist companies that organise full charters of ships to satisfy their clientele and they advertise as their headlines that activities will include playrooms, kinky dressing up and sex games!

Now don’t worry that you will ever book a cruise and suddenly be plunged into a scene from “Fifty Shades of Grey” as I said these companies charter the entire ship however I was surprised by the Cruise Lines that allow this. I assumed it would be some seedy 2* Cruise Line on their oldest ships in the fleet but let me give you a few examples of which lines have allowed these charters:

Azamara Club Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Crystal River Cruises

Royal Caribbean

It seems its popular too.

One swinging website has booked over 54000 couples on one of these cruises so its not a bad business if you look at it like that. Also, it’s not all nakedness, sex and debauchery as many people book for an adult only holiday or if they are naturists. Others want to rekindle their relationships by attending seminars on sensuality and sexuality, but I am assuming the majority book for the opportunity to explore their sexuality with other people!

I guess there is a cruise out there for everyone but perhaps my main concern would be the crew as they have not signed up to be witness to this and I am sure it can be quite embarrassing for them. I was also on cruise critic and there was a lady who was due to go on the cruise after a swinging cruise and she was concerned about the cleanliness of the ship afterwards! I guess they are cleaned thoroughly afterwards but I can kind of understand what she is getting at.

Maybe we should not knock it till we have tried it! You first!



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