Working from home – you must have it made?

It is now 23.52 on a Monday evening and I am still at my desk finishing off!

Almost asleep!

When you work from home like I do people assume that you can come and go as you please but we still have a rota that we need to complete as we are open between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm. Today I was supposed to finish at 8.30 pm however lots of my lovely clients decided to book their cruises tonight for which I am always grateful. Unfortunately I had also agreed to get quotes to three new clients and I told them they would have them before tomorrow morning. I am pretty old school in that if I say i am going to do something I do it hence why I am still here now.

I love the fact that working from home I can hang my washing out on the line when I want and again I say this sarcastically as mine has been on the line now for three days!

It’s going to get even better now as my delightful children have broken up from school holidays and although my parents help out and my husband also plans his days off to help inevitably they sometimes have to ask me something whilst I am working. My 14 year old is great and always waits for me to finish on a call but the 11 year old does not understand this concept and insists on putting notes in front of me or whispering! Even the dog sits and whines at me sometimes.

Sometimes you feel that you are never off duty because home is work and work is home but I would not change it for the world.

I have yet to miss an important milestone in my children’s lives because of the flexibility and just last week I watched my eldest son, Conor, graduate with a 2:1 at Edge Hill University.

A proud moment

I also get to wear my favourite work shoes every day… can you guess what they are?

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