Sailing like a Celebrity Part 2 – Dining, drink, entertainment and cabins

As I was only on board for two nights we did not bother with any speciality dining on this occasion so we ate in the main dining room which was amazing. We had opted for Celebrity Select Dining which means we could choose when we wanted to go for dinner and could just turn up or you can pre-book a time on your planner. We pre-booked 6.45pm on both nights. On arrival at the dining room entrance we were escorted to a table towards the back of the restaurant and were immediately greeted by two lovely waiters who entertained the kids for the rest of the evening.

Dinner was lovely with a choice of starters, mains and desserts and I have to say the Dulce de Leche was the most amazing dessert I have ever tasted and was so good that even though it was not on the menu on the second night I requested it again and was rewarded with both the Dulce de Leche and Creme Brulee! Slimming World please do not read this!

We also ate at the 24 hour cafe and the Mast Grill and were both impressed with the variety on offer and the quality plus the never ending smiles form the staff.

As this was a two night cruise we had a Classic Drinks Package included and I also opted to pay for a premium Non Alcoholic Beverage Package for my children as they love Strawberry Daiquiris which are not included on the Soda Package. The cost of their drinks was £19 per child per day but was worth its weight in gold as they tried every virgin cocktail on the menu.

If you tend to have more than 6 drinks a day then pre-purchasing the Classic Drinks Package is a must and will save you money, although upfront if its not included in the price of your cruise it may seem a lot to spend.

My husband was also intrigued by Cellar Masters where they have self dispense wines that are held at perfect ambient temperatures. The Sommelier in here was amazing and very knowledgeable on wines. Both my husband and I have a keen interest in wines as we both worked as Sommeliers on cruise ships over twenty years ago. In the end we both tried Opus One and at $50 for half a glass that’s all we were trying!. Was it worth it…… absolutely!

Entertainment wise we really did not go to the shows as one was an Elton John tribute and one a Robbie Williams tribute  and the children did not want to go. Instead after dinner the children went to the kids club till 10pm and my husband and I sat in the main atrium at a bar listening to the music and watching the world go by until the children cam back at 10pm.

On one of the afternoons we went to the cinema to watch The Greatest Showman for about the tenth time but still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Cabin wise I deliberately chose a really high up cabin which was a Concierge Class on deck 12 and it was right at the back of the ship overlooking the wake. I wanted to see whether there was much vibration when docking and much movement if there were heavy seas. Vibration wise there was nothing really to mention however movement wise we crossed the channel in a force 9 and i have to say we were rocking and rolling quite a bit being that high.

Concierge Class gave us some extra privileges in the cabin with Egyptian Cotton Robes and Slippers as well as a bottle of bubbly on arrival and canapes every evening plus a very useful Celebrity Tote Bag. The cabin was fairly well laid out although I did not feel there was enough drawer space in the cabin. The bathroom was very spacious and had a quadrant shower with a glass door which was sheer luxury in that there were no more intimate encounters with shower curtains.

All in all I would definitely give this cruise line a 9.5 out of 10 and will look forward to sailing with them again in the future.



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