Infestation strikes again!

Cruise ships seem to be constantly in the news with outbreaks of norovirus. You can imagine my surprise when I had a message from my cousin who is currently on board the brand new Carnival Vista to tell me about a massive infestation on board!!

How can a brand new ship become infested so quick but I am afraid it has happened and here are the pictures to prove it.

There has been a massive outbreak of Towel Animals. My cousin reported that one minute there was nothing and then they were everywhere.

Hogging the deck chairs, crowding the bar and making it impossible for paying passengers to find a seat.

Check it out for yourself….


I wonder what their favourite drink is!



Towels everywhere!



Hanging from every available space.



Peering over the bar.



Rum please for all towel animals.



No room here not even for a small one.



They are everywhere!



One tequila, two tequila, three tequila – floor!

I do believe though that as quickly as the towel animals appeared they disappeared equally as fast and that Carnival Cruises have really raised the bar on this latest ship with outstanding food, service and entertainment as well as amazing towel animals!

What did you think?




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