Have you missed me?

I am back from 11 nights in the beautiful Canaries but more about that in my next blog.

I think this little lady has definitely missed me as here she is hiding under my desk where she has stayed most of the day.

I hate leaving her behind but unless I book a Cunard Cruise she has to stay here. Fortunately for me my eldest son looked after her this time as he was unable to come away with us due to work commitments. So no kennels for her.

You would be amazed about how many requests we get for people wanting to book a cruise with their dogs and cats because they do not want to leave them behind!

I love my dog but would I want her to go on a cruise with me ….. definitely not. And would you want to sleep in a cabin where a dog had been sleeping?

Also what about meals as my dog likes to sit under the table whilst we are eating in case of dropped tidbits but how would other diners feel about this?

And what about entertainment for them. We could have doggy treasure hunts or talent shows and movies such as, “A Dog’s Purpose”, or “The Secret Life Of Pets”, shown on the big screen near the pools. Talking of pools if dogs were allowed you would never keep mine out of the pool as she is a nightmare near water and has had to be rescued once by the RNLI in Morecambe where we live. She loves it.

OMG I have now just googled cruises with dogs and not only can you cruise with Cunard on the QM2 you can also do a River Cruise on board the MS Normandie down the Rhine!

The only problem would be that the Guinea Pigs may get jealous and the fish!!

In hindsight I think I will leave the holidays to the humans only for the foreseeable future until there is a better choice?

Would you consider taking a pet on board if you were allowed and how would you feel if you saw someones pet on board?


Comments below please.




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