Go Team McIntyre & Grandad!

Its great being a mum of four – honestly, well apart from the fact that they fight constantly and as a mum you are never off duty.

You are always on call night or day and my sons Conor 16, Logan 9 and Frazer 6, along with their sister, Ashley 14, keep me on my toes.

A classic example of this is that today I am working 8am-4pm and about ten minutes ago my daughters school phoned to say she has a migraine can I pick her up. Luckily the school is only 5 minutes away so I took my break to go get her. She is now tucked up in bed.

Being a mum  also includes firsts like the first time your child walks or the first time they say mum.

Recently I have had two firsts.

Last week was the first time my two youngest children swam a length at their swimming classes thus outstripping me who cannot swim at the age of 24 plus VAT!

Another milestone was Frazer’s first tooth. It has been wobbly for days as the new tooth has already come up behind it however he eventually allowed his big brother to give it a gentle twist and it was out at the cost of ¬£5!! His big brother told him that’s what the tooth fairy going rate is!!!

And finally I can’t finish without saying that we also have a first with my Dad who at the age of 67 has finally won his first golf trophy!

Well done Dad xxx





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    • Hi Gordon
      Hope you are well and yes I will do. There are some great last minute deals with P & O at the moment. My direct number is 0800 408 6178 and my email is MollyM@cruise.co.uk.
      Take care

      Julie (Molly) xx

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