Children should be banned from all cruise ships!

I recently had a client of mine comment on how unruly the children were on board his last cruise and how it almost ruined his holiday and just wondered what peoples opinions were on it?

Logan and his Grandad in Hell!! Grand Cayman.

Logan and his Grandad in Hell!! Grand Cayman.

As a mum of four highly spirited children and young adults with ages ranging from 9-19 years old I can understand some peoples frustrations when children don’t behave whilst on a cruise thus spoiling it for others.

I even have to admit that this year we are going on a cruise in school term time and I am looking forward to the fact that there will hopefully not be a lot of kids on board.

Some of you will find this strange and I will admit that my children can be a handful but they have boundaries that if breached result in a quick shut down of benefits!

I think this is where the problem lies in the fact that many parents seem to think that once on a cruise ship they are in a safe environment to let their kids roam freely.

Indeed my client who has just returned complained about the following actions from some of the unruly youngsters:

  • teenagers overtaking the elevators and riding up and down
  • disrupting the stage show either by young kids crying or older kids taunting the crew
  • loud and raucous behaviour
  • running down hallways and playing knock a door run
  • dive bombing in the pool
  • treating┬áthe crew on board as┬áslaves by clicking fingers knowing the crew will say nothing

Now I don’t have a problem with kids enjoying themselves and indeed I encourage my children to take part in all the activities on board. For example, as we are sailing with Princess, my two youngest kids cannot wait to take part in the Chefs Club at Sea programme and also the Stargazing on deck and I thoroughly encourage this. If they want to they can also go to the children’s clubs but if not then they will be with my husband and I where we can keep a close eye on them.

I cruised a few years ago when my middle son, Logan, was only 18 months old with Royal Caribbean, and he was known as the devil child in the dining room after just two nights. As adorable as he was it was just not acceptable to be throwing bread rolls and cutlery at the waiters so we used to feed him earlier, then either my husband or I would entertain him whilst the other parent ate in a peaceful manner with the other kids.

To me this is common sense but other parents seem to insist that a child behaving badly is acceptable.

I am not sure why parents think that once on board that they can let their kids roam free as a cruise ship is not a safe environment especially for under tens if they are not watched by their parents. Just look at the number of fatalities from children drowning in cruise ship pools.

Neither is it the crews responsibility to look after them or to discipline them. In fact the crew would not say anything as in the past crew members have had complaints against them for telling children off by the child’s parents!

The long and short of it is that at the end of the day if you are taking YOUR children on a cruise then ultimately they are YOUR responsibility and no one else.

By all means let them enjoy themselves but please please discipline them if they misbehave and don’t let them ruin other peoples holidays!

Have you had your holiday ruined by naughty kids? Whats the worst you have seen? Also how many times have you seen well behaved children?

Let me know the ship and where you were sailing.







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