A Taste Of The Arctic

I was very privileged recently to go on an educational trip to Norway with Hurtigruten who operate a fleet of ships up and down the coast.

My outbound flights were with Scandinavian Airlines via Oslo to Tromso. Word of warning: ensure you have longer than an hour in Oslo as I found this a very tight turnaround and having to recollect luggage and re check in was a bit stressful. Oslo is a beautifully designed airport but if you have trouble walking I would recommend taking advantage of airport assistance as the walkways are very long.

Upon arrival in Tromso (approx 5pm) we were collected by a driver from the Villemarkssenter which is where we were going to go Dog Sledding! We had just arrived after a huge blizzard and there were mountains of snow everywhere, it was like a picture postcard.

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